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Fall Full Bust Fashion and Bras: My Shopping List

  |   By Holly Jackson

One of the secrets of spending your life writing about lingerie and clothing is that lots of the time, you’re just writing about stuff because it’s there.

You write about things that you think your readers will want. Or because it’s new and notable, rather than picking things that get your hard-earned cash.

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So how do women like me spend their actual shopping dollars? Today we’re going behind the scenes to talk clothing budgets and bras. And you'll find out what's on my Fall full bust shopping list.

The Erica Bra and the Jacqueline Bra by Fantasie:

fall full bust fashion

Erica Underwire Side Support Bra by Fantasie
Available in Bands 30-40, Cups D-H
Retail Price $68
via HerRoom
fall full bust fashion
Jacqueline Lace Red Full Cup Bra
Available in Bands 30-40, Cups D-H
via Fantasie

Sometimes your new favorite bra brand sneaks up on you. I never felt drawn to Fantasie bras, but last season I bought two in a sale and wore them more than any other brand in my lingerie collection. While not all of their bras come in my size, I’m more than happy to invest in the ones that do. They are the closest I’ve gotten to “not feeling like I’m wearing a bra” with underwires. And I love the way Fantasie plays with textures and color in some of their new embroidered pieces.

Moi Sweater by Kate Spade:fall full bust fashion

Moi Sweater
Available in Sizes XXS - XXL
Retail Price $248 (On Sale $149)
via Kate Spade

There have been tons of articles written about why Miss Piggy is a body positive and plus-size icon, so I’m not going to rehash them here. As a Miss Piggy fan, I was thrilled to see Kate Spade collaborate last year that was entirely pink and fabulous. If I had been able to afford it, I would have bought the whole thing, but instead, I went with this obnoxiously pink and glittery sweater. We get about ten days of actual sweater weather here, but I will wear this on all of them.

Vegan Leather Leggings by Lysee:

fall full bust fashion

Vegan Leather Leggings
Available in Sizes 1X - 3X
Retail Price $108
via Lyseé

I almost never wear pants, but when I have to, I tend to go with a cute sweater and leather-look leggings. I’ve tried a bunch of brands, and I’m never going to buy anything but Lyseé now. They’re comfortable, stand up to years of washing and wearing and are flattering. My last pair just bit the dust, so I’m going to pick these up as a substitute.

Elila Glamour Embroidery Underwire Bra:

fall full bust fashion

Elila Glamour Embroidery Underwire Bra
Available in Bands 34-46, Cups DD - K
Retail Price $78
via Linda the Bra Lady

This is one of the cases where my job introduced me to one of my all time favorite lingerie sets. Elila set me the white version of this as a sample awhile back, and I wore it to death (and then bought a backup set and wore that one to death too). I was lucky enough to get a sample of the burgundy this season, but I now know that I love it enough to buy a backup set as well.

Keira Bra by Bravissimo:

fall full bust fashion

Keira Half-Cup Bra
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups DD - H
Retail Price $64
via Bravissimo

If I had to pick a brand and shape of bra to wear forever, I’d probably pick the Bravissimo half cup bras. They provide incredible uplift, look seriously sexy on and are practical for everyday wear. I buy the latest version whenever I can afford it, so I’m never without one or two.

Peacock Queen Bee Sateen Classic PJ Set by Bedhead Pajamas:

fall full bust fashion

Peacock Queen Bee Sateen Classic PJ Set
Available in Sizes 1X - 3X
Retail Price $152 (On sale $69)
via Bedhead Pajamas

I know I write about glamorous sleepwear a lot, but I don’t own much of it! This year, I’ve decided to actively work on buying beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time rather than just living in a cheap t-shirt and short sets. I can’t afford Bedhead at regular prices, but I’ll be watching the sales this year to stock up and still make my budget.

Always Sarcastic Tank Gown and Legging with Ribbed Waistband by Torrid:

fall full bust shopping

Sleep Always Sarcastic Tank
Available in Sizes 00 - 6
Retail Price $36.90
via Torrid
fall full bust fashion
Sleep Legging with Ribbed Waistband
Available in Sizes 00 - 6
Retail Price $38.90
via Torrid

It’s hard to resist the siren song of cheap loungewear with cute phrases on it. This Torrid set is a good price and is sweet, so I might end up picking it up. The pants are presentable enough that I can open the door wearing them at 3 pm if I need to, which comes up a lot when you work from home. 

What’s on your Fall full bust shopping list? Which of these styles would you buy---at original or discount prices?

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