D to G Cup Bras: Who Makes Them and Why

  |   By Holly Jackson

When I started buying bras as a teenager finding a G cup bra was an expensive and frequently humiliating process. It was also the end of the alphabet, in a practical sense. A DD cup was considered huge, and a G cup was only available from brands tackling extended sizing. If you were a teenage girl who needed D to G cup bras, you were a lingerie department oddity.

Online shopping has changed the way people buy bras forever. And you no longer have to go to your local department store and get awkwardly sized up by strangers to find a bra that fits. It’s also changed the way most brands think about sizing. While many brands offering expanded sizing used to only focus up to a G cup, the success of specialist brands like Elomi and Panache has changed things.

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There are players in the D to G cup bras space, but who they are and why they focus on this range is another thing. Some are big brands like Third Love that offer their size options to an American G cup as part of their core message and advertising. Others are European style luxury brands that expanded their sizes dramatically. A G cup doesn’t seem like a big deal if you’re a regular Bravissimo or Freya shopper. But it’s a big undertaking for an established French brand like Chantelle.

Today I'm highlighting how the D through G market has changed in the past few years. And I feature the variety and some of the fantastic options that are out there if you wear D to G cup bras.

Eden Demi Full Cup Bra by Simone Perele

D to G cup bras

Simone Perele Eden Demi Full Cup 
Fits Bands 30-38, Cups E-G
via Journelle

This high-quality basic bra is from a brand that has expanded its offerings dramatically. It’s elegant, easy to wear and a great way to splurge on something that you’ll use each week.

Dahlia Balconette Bra by Dita Von Teese

D to G cup bras

Dita Von Teese Dahlia Balconette Bra
Fits Bands 32-38, Cups C-G
via Journelle

This well-loved lingerie line has expanded their sizes up to a G cup. And this brings joy into the hearts of many lingerie collectors. These bras are released in seasonal colors each year, so you can make it a mission to collect them all.

Chloe Demi Bra by Journelle

demi bras

Chloe Demi Bra
Available in 2 Colors
Fits Bands 30-36, Cups A-G
via Journelle

Powerhouse indie boutique brand Journelle has now brought out its line of high-quality lingerie—and it includes G cup bras! This option would never have existed when I was younger. It's great to see brands like Journelle entering this space.

Fuller Bust Naked Bra by Nubian Skin

nude bras for women of color

Nubian Skin Fuller Bust Naked Bra
Available in 4 Colors
Fits Bands 30-40, Cups DD-G
via Figleaves

This bra is something that would never have been available when I was younger. And I am delighted that Nubian Skin has been a success. Being able to buy a bra that matches your skin tone should be simple. But until Nubian Skin, it wasn’t if you weren’t Caucasian.

Ultimate Strapless Bra by Wonderbra

D to G strapless bras

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless
Available in 2 Colors
Fits Bands 30-38, Cups A-G
via Figleaves

This bra has been around for ages, but it’s also a popular classic. If you’re in this range and want a strapless that works, this is a good bet.

Beautiful Bliss Lace Bra by Curvy Couture

Beautiful Bliss Lace Bra
Available in 2 Colors
Fits Bands 34-46, Cups C-H
via Curvy Couture

This gorgeous pink bra was made for plus sizes and is available up to a G cup. If you’re a little below the range for British brands but are also full-figured, then Curvy Couture might be your brand.

Juliette Bra by Harlow & Fox

D to G cup bras

Juliette Bra
Fits Bands 30-38, Cups DD-G
via Harlow & Fox

This bra is an excellent example of a high-end brand offering a limited full bust size range. Harlow & Fox also makes custom size pieces on request. But their standard range of DD to G has much less size variation and is easier to maintain as a small business.

24/7™ Lace Back T-Shirt Bra by Third Love

D to G cup bras

24/7 Lace Back T-Shirt Bra
Available in 6 Colors
Fits Bands 30-48, Cups A-I
via Third Love

Third Love has a unique sizing system, although they roughly fit into the traditional D to G model. They are also incredibly popular, which proves that this range has a lot of buying power. I love the surprise of the lace straps on the back of this otherwise basic bra.

Anais Genevive Contour Plunge Bra by Pleasure State

Pleasure State Anais Genevieve Contour Plunge Bra
Fits Bands 32-38, Cups DD-G
via Bendon Lingerie

Pleasure State is a brand that has always specialized in this size range and is still going strong! Owned by Bendon, they are one of the more prominent Australian lingerie brands.

Mariella Boysenberry Leavers Lace Bra by Katherine Hamilton

D to G cup bras

Mariella Boysenberry Leavers Lace
Fits Bands 26-36, Cups D-H
via Katherine Hamilton

This gorgeous autumn-inspired bra uses luxurious French Leavers Lace and stretch silk panels to create an unforgettable lingerie experience.

Vivien Bra by Adina Reay

Fits Bands 38-38, Cups DD-G
via Adina Reay
Adina Reay uses Austrian embroidery and incredibly sheer tulle to create a piece that almost feels closer to a quarter cup bra than a balconette bra. I love these simple and elegant details.


Do you wear D to G cup bras? What's been your experience when shopping for lingerie in this size range? 

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