9 Curve Friendly Velvet Lingerie Pieces for Your Inner Movie Star

  |   By Holly Jackson

Velvet lingerie is always around when colder weather sets in, but the flavor of the trend can vary.

Last year it was all '90s inspired, which was not my thing. But I love the 1930s Devore velvet inspired pieces that are starting to pop up this year. To me, velvet always feels like the ultimate luxurious fabric. There’s something classically decadent about it, even in pieces with comparatively small price tags.

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Today I’m featuring some of my favorite curve friendly velvet pieces, so you too can lounge luxuriously.

Francois Chemise and Robe by Playful Promises (available in both core and curve sizes):

curve friendly velvet

Francois Chemise and Robe
via Playful Promises

The Francois collection channels 1930s glamour but also works well as a functional lounge set. Since I bought this, I wear it non-stop. Both pieces are affordable, the colors are incredibly vibrant, and there is just enough fringe to make you want to shimmy around without it feeling annoying. If you’re between sizes on the size chart, order based on your bust measurement.

Candice Gwinn 1940’s Long Robe at Trashy Diva:

curve friendly velvet

Jenny Rieu in Candice Gwin Gown
Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography
Available in Sizes 2 - 24 via Trashy Diva

I have some older Trashy Diva velvet pieces that I love when the holidays come around, so I was glad to see the silk velvet collection come back this year. This style could work as a robe or a gown, which means that you’ll have lots of excuses to imitate your favorite noir heroine in it this season.

Velvet Brocade Strappy Bralette by Torrid:

curve friendly velvet

Velvet Brocade Strappy Bralette
Available in Sizes 00 - 6
via Torrid

Torrid is always ready with affordable pieces that are on trend, so it’s no surprise that they have several velvet bralettes currently. I love this brocade one that could double as a crop top under a blazer or peek out under a dress.

Peacock of Opulence Robe and Tap Pants by Dottie’s Delights:

curve friendly velvet

Peacock of OPulence Robe
Available in Sizes XS - XXL
via Dotties' Delights
curve friendly velvet
Peacock of Opulence Tap Pant
Available in Sizes XS - XXL
via Dottie's Delights

Stephanie’s latest collection is inspired by the 1970s does 1930s look. These designs result in some unique pieces in a wide variety of fabrics. I’m in love with this Devore velvet robe and tap pants, which are an unexpected and beautiful take on the peacock motif.

Major Velvet Tassel Bra by Playful Promises (available in both core and curve sizes):

curve friendly velvet

Peek & Beau Major Velvet Tassle Bra
Available in Band Sizes 32-42, Cups B-G
via Playful Promises

While lots of velvet pieces are vintage-inspired, this Playful Promises bra throws that all out the window and draws inspiration from burlesque outfits and military uniforms. It’s fun and flirty but also makes a striking statement as a full set. This look is an affordable way to own a unique lingerie piece.

Faberge Short Robe by Christine Lingerie:

curve friendly velvet

Faberge Short Robe
Available in Sizes S - XL
via Christine Lingerie

Christine Lingerie is known for their incredible silk prints, but they also do silk velvet pieces during the winter. This velvet robe is perfect for those who don’t love the vintage look, but still like that burn-out velvet appearance.

Rebelle Short Gown in Rouge by Evgenia:

curve friendly velvet

Rebelle Short Gown
Available in Sizes S - XL
via Evegenia

Evgenia is one of those designers who see the world differently from the rest of us, and it shows in her consistently brilliant work season after season. This Rebelle gown is unapologetically luxurious, using silk velvet and heart dotted French lace to create a dress that is modern and vintage all at the same time.

What do you think of these curve friendly velvet pieces? Would you wear them? Why or why not?

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