colorful plus size Lingerie

No More Boring Beige: Colorful Plus Size Lingerie

  |   By Linzi Reardon

I remember many years ago getting my first “proper” bra. My bust at that time was around a 32G, and I was relatively young. I went to the department store and given a Fantasie “smoothing” T-shirt bra in the color of a digestive biscuit. I’ll admit the fit was lovely but was this the best option out there for bigger women?

Thankfully the industry has leaped forward, and there is a wealth of gorgeous, sexy and colorful plus size lingerie on offer. Whenever anybody tells me full bust bras are boring, I immediately direct them to my Instagram page to show all of the bright, bold, and beautiful bras from which to choose.

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Today I'm putting my top choices in one place so you can discover some of what is out there for us plus size beauties.

Colorful Plus Size Lingerie

colorful plus size lingerie

Elomi Charley Underwire Bralette 
Available in Bands 34 - 40, Cups E - HH
via Lazeme

I’ll be honest and say you’ll always get several Elomi suggestions from me because they are, without any exceptions, my favorite brand to wear. They fit my body perfectly, and the designs are stunning. This longline bra is from their “Charley” range is a delicate soft pink which is perfect for the summer season.

colorful plus size lingerie

Panache Ana Plunge Bra
Available in 3 Colors
Fits Bands 28 - 38, Cups D - H
via Figleaves

I adore the color of “Ana” by Panache. With bluebells flourishing everywhere at the moment, especially where I live in the Lake District, I love the idea of reflecting nature in lingerie. Panache bras are great if you need a narrow wire and deep cup which puts them right up there on my must-have brands.

colorful plus size lingerie

Elomi Bijou Flirt Underwire Banded Moulded Bra
Available in Bands 32 - 44, Cups E - H
via Lazeme

If you still want that smooth finish to your underwear but with a flirty twist, Elomi has that covered with the Bijou Flirt (available in several colors). I like to wear this under plain low-cut t-shirts so that the strap details peek out. If you dare to tell me that my bra is showing, I’ll reply, “good; I paid enough for it."

colorful plus size lingerie

Scantilly Curvy Kate Velvet Rose Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 30 - 40, Cups DD - HH
via BraStop

I can’t talk about plus size/fuller bust lingerie without including Scantilly. The sexy sister of Curvy Kate, they release design after design of bold, striking styles that do not compromise at all. Velvet Rose is on my current wish list, and I don’t think you could ever describe this one as boring!

colorful plus size lingerie

Cross Pink/Red Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 30 - 40, Cups D - J
via Curvy Kate

The Kiss Cross set from Curvy Kate gives me serious “Crazy in Love” Beyonce vibes. The vibrant clash of pink & orange is like my lingerie meets ultimate female icon dreams come true! You will look super sizzling in it this summer.

colorful plus size lingerie

Elomi Rosalind Underwire Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 32 - 46, Cups DD - JJ
via HerRoom

If you want to try something a little different but aren’t quite ready for bold, bright colors, then prints are a great place to start. I recently got this gorgeous Elomi Rosalind set in a black and pink sketch design. It gives fantastic natural cleavage too.

colorful plus size Lingerie

Sculptresse Chi-Chi Full Cup Bra
Available in Bands 40 -46, Cups D - HH
via Figleaves

Another brand to explore for specific fuller figure lingerie in a plethora of prints and colors is Sculptresse. The brand is Panache’s curvy sister, and it offers everyday bras that are anything but boring and bland.

colorful plus size lingerie

Gabi Fresh Ali Lace & Mesh Body
Available in Sizes UK 16 - 28
via Playful Promises

Playful Promises hit on to a good thing when they decided to collaborate with the renowned uber-babe Gabi Fresh. There’s a mixture of bras, briefs, and bodysuits on offer. All are designed with the fuller figure in mind and with a real eye for fashionable looks. They also have an upcoming collaboration with Georgina Horne, aka Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, which looks fantastic!

colorful plus size lingerie

Tutti Rougette Eva Longline Lace Bralette
Available in 30 - 42, Cups DD - G
via ASOS

Tutti Rouge has changed direction recently and rather than producing more traditional bras they have become the queens of the full bust bralette. Offering non-wired styles in punchy colors they have hit upon a gap in the market. They produce exclusive styles for ASOS along with what’s on offer on their website.

Custom Options

If you are struggling to find your style, why not look to independent makers? Most of the time they’ll offer made to measure items which open up our options.

colorful plus size lingerie

Suzie Longline Silk Bra
Made to Measure
via Little Black Pants Club

Little Black Pants Club in Brixton (UK) describe themselves as a bespoke lingerie club for fierce femmes. Each piece from the bespoke collection is made to fit your body, so it’s an excellent option for us plus size femmes to get luxurious products that will fit.

colorful plus size lingerie

Hecate Pentagram Babydoll
Available in 6 Colors
Made to Measure
via Bawdy Love

Bawdy Love is a super progressive brand. Just take a look at their web images to see how gloriously unapologetic they are. Offering custom pieces for every body type, you can choose from bodysuits, baby dolls, and much more.

colorful plus size lingerie

Dolores Curvy Sheer Tulle Bra Set
Available in Bands 28 - 42, Cups DD - H
via Buttress & Snatch

Feeling indulgent? Look no further than Buttress and Snatch, with a range of ready to buy lingerie and bespoke services, they guarantee perfectly fitting and incredibly beautiful pieces. I have a mini goal of owning some of their lingerie one of these days.

This list is only a small selection of what is out there. But I reckon we can safely say that plus size lingerie world is, in fact, an exciting arena. I feel so happy every time I see a new style released because it reminds me that I'll never need to settle for a biscuit bra again. Now my lingerie drawer (or in my case drawers, boxes, bags) are now bursting with sexy colorful plus size lingerie, and above all super comfortable pieces. I’d love to know which brands or bra styles you love.

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