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Chantelle Sports Bra Review: High Impact Support & Workout Inspiration

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

What did women wear before the modern-day sports bras?

When I was in middle and high school, we'd keep our regular bras on under our school issued white cotton, short-sleeved, snap front PE shirts (paired with ugly navy shorts). It didn't matter how sweaty I got during laps around the gym or in games of volleyball or baseball. There weren't any bra options. Dedicated athletic boob support didn't appear until the late 1970s, when a couple of female friends came up with a sports bra made from two jock straps.

Thankfully, sports bra design has improved. There are now more fashionable and practical choices for a larger number of  boob owners. Why is this important? Similar to wearing quality athletic footwear, the right sports bra boosts your performance, prevents injuries, and helps you get the most from your workout.

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The latest entry into the smart sports bra market is from Chantelle, a well-established French lingerie brand. As a runner, I was excited when a Chantelle rep offered to send me a bra for review.*** Made for C through H cups, it steps up to the challenge of keeping bigger busts in place. Slipping on the sleek and comfortable Chantelle sport bras gives me the same feeling I get when putting on a new pair of running shoes: I can't wait to get outside for a run.

Chantelle sports bra review

 Chantelle High Impact Underwire Sports Bra
Available in three colors
Fits Bands 30-42, Cups C-H

I like the style of this bra, which can be worn in regular or racerback fashion. Its high-tech, wicking fabric keeps me dry and cool in the warm, LA sun. Light padding and underwire holds each breast in place, without creating an uncomfortable uni-boob. It claims to provide compression, but I don't feel suffocated like I do in other sports bra models. The taller front gives coverage to my DDs under my lightweight tank top. Colorful top-stitching on the bodice and straps make it a cute and stylish piece of gym gear.

Chantelle sports bra review

Chantelle Underwire High Impact Sports Bra (back)

But my absolute favorite feature on the Chantelle Sports Bra is the adjustable J hook. Many brands don't offer sliders with an option of changing the height of where the two straps join. A stationary hook that rests too high on my neck places undue pressure and stress on my shoulders. Being able to position where the racerback sits is a big plus.

Chantelle Sports Bra review

The Chantelle sports bra is currently available in black and light grey, plus one limited seasonal color. For SS/2015, you'll find it in Flame Red (see featured image). This pretty Klein Blue for FW/2015 will be out in July.

Chantelle Sports Bra

I'm in love with the new Chantelle sports bra, not just 'cause it's super cute, comfy and supportive. Limiting my boob aches, pains, and distractions motivates me to keep up a regular workout routine. I just wish this modern-day sports bra had been around in my teens!

Do you wear sports bras to exercise? Do you have a favorite high impact sports bra? What features are most important to you?

***I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are all my own.

Featured image via HerRoom. 

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