Bra schooled!

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

This morning I attended the Eveden bra fitting school at the Curve lingerie trade show. Instructor Frederika Zappe provided attendees with hands-on training by demonstrating fittings on four volunteers from the audience. Studies show that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra, but in our small subject pool, the total was 100%.

Freddy brought along a clothes rack packed with varying styles and sizes and quickly found the perfect fit for each of her brave subjects. Why do women consistently wear ill-fitting bras? Most of us don’t take the time to seek out a professional fitting. Our busy lives are filled with work and family obligations, and boob comfort isn’t a high priority. In my case, focusing on everyone else’s breasts translated into neglecting my own.

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A woman’s breasts can weigh anywhere from 4 to 15 pounds. That’s a heavy load to keep contained and restrained, not to mention uplifted and perky. Full busted gals suffer the greatest, with physical problems ranging from grooves in their shoulders to back pain and headaches. Freddy demonstrated this dilemma by hanging two cloth bags, each containing four pound weights, around my neck. She cinched them up into the right sized bra, and voila! My neck and back discomfort disappeared. Here’s a photo op of the teacher with her star pupil.

Freddy revealed that her mission is to fit women “up here” — and pointed to her head. In my case, I’d put on some weight over the past year and didn’t want to admit that it had all gone to my boobs. I told myself I’d lose the fat from where I’d gained it, but that hasn’t happened. No more la-la land for my ta-tas. I’d rather take the time and spend the money to look and feel my best.

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