Boobs in the News: Podcasts From the Front

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Writing a book about women’s breasts made me appreciate the power of boobs. For example, I never realized how often women’s breasts appeared in the news.

No, I’m not talking about public nip slips or cleavage baring celebrity selfies posted on social media. I’m referring to the stories that uncover every aspect of breast ownership. Those articles put women’s boobs in the news.

Sometimes it’s an item on bra technology or a miraculous lingerie innovation. It could be a report on the merits of bra wear or unlocking the mysteries of breast shape and size. Many pieces highlight the challenges faced by nursing mothers; whether medical issues, coping strategies, or reactions to public breastfeeding. Breast cosmetic surgery statistics and revelations always make headlines. And just about any story related to breast cancer is newsworthy, even if it offers women sometimes confusing or contradictory information. Write-ups on breast cancer charities and events appear all year round, not just in October. Yep. There’s more to breasts than meets the eye.

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I've been keeping track of #boobsinthenews on Twitter. But that's not enough for this breast expert. I've launched a new Elisabeth Dale’s The Breast Life podcast: Boobs In the News. Each week I’ll be reporting on a recent breast revelation and offering up my breast perspective.

Vogue June 2013

Vogue June 2013



This week I expose the views of model Kate Upton. Ms. Upton’s boobs are famous for gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated. But it’s her appearance in and disclosures about her own breasts in Vogue Magazine that got my attention. How does Ms. Upton look at her body? Does she possess perfect breasts? What does every woman have in common with this supermodel?

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What's your view of Boobs in the News?

UPDATE: Elisabeth Dale's The Breast Life Boobs in the News now on iTunes. Click here to listen!

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