Push Up Bras: What You Need to Know

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Beautiful push-up bras are a great addition to any bra wardrobe. But they're not just about adding breast size. The best ones are about perfecting boob placement.

Even when mine first sprouted, they never resembled the muffin-top mounds seen in glossy fashion magazines or on lingerie models. It isn’t nature’s way for all breasts to rest way up high on our chests. Boobs can face in opposite directions, downward, or straight ahead. They’re all different, even on the same woman!

But fashion often demands breasts looks a bit fuller or brought closer together to create what the French call décolletage. It's not just baring cleavage. It's choosing a well-fitting foundation that compliments whatever you're wearing. A bra can make or break an outfit, and certain clothing necklines look better -- on my body -- when they're worn with a push-up bra.

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Not all push up bras are engineered in the same way, though. Some add lift and volume with different degrees and types of graduated padding on the sides or at the base of the bra cup. Others have removable pads (sometimes called "cookies") which provide more flexibility. You've got to find the formula that works best for you and your unique breasts.

Push up bras are available in many different styles. You’ll want to pick a demi or plunge for deeper necklines. They also come in a variety of fabrics, such as lace, mesh, or smooth contour cups. All these choices make it easier than ever to find the perfect push up bra to meet your fashion needs.

These four fabulous and highly rated push up bras fit a range of body types and cup sizes:

The Lula Lu Petite Lingerie Kira Lace Push Up Bra is made to flatter the AAA to A cup figure. Featuring two-toned stretch lace, the pretty Kira Lace Push Up includes removable padding. It is available in dusty rose or black, fitting band sizes 32-36, with cups AAA to A.

push up bras

Lula Lu Petites Kira Lace Push Up Bra
Image via Lula Lu Petite Lingerie

The Wacoal Embrace Lace Push Up is the perfect, smooth cup t-shirt bra with feminine detailing. It features removable pads that add up to one cup size. It's available is either black or nude and fits bands sizes 30-36, with cups AA to C.

Wacoal Push-Up

Wacoal Embrace Lace Push Up
Image via Bare Necessities

The Little Bra Company specializes in designing bras for the more petite woman. This feminine lacy Nicole push up features a supportive and shaping three-part cup. It includes optional padding, comes in nude or pale blue, and is available in band sizes 30-38, fitting cups A to C.

push up bras

The Little Bra Company Nicole Push-Up Bra
Image via HerRoom

The Chantelle C Chic Push Up Bra takes your sexy cleavage up a notch by boosting it a full cup size. This deep plunge demi push up bra includes removable padding and adjustable straps that convert to racerback style. The Chantelle C Chic is available in pink and black, violet and black, or nude. It fits bands sizes 30-40, with cups sizes from B to G.

push up bras

Chantelle C Chic Push Up Bra
Image via Bare Necessities

Do you wear push up bras? What features appeal to you most? Which brands or styles would you recommend?

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