Best Bra Fit: How to Customize Your Bra

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

You've heard the statistic: 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra. But does it matter? Sometimes the right size bra isn't the issue.

Your bra may fit your breasts in most respects, but not under the outfit you’re wearing. You might have a half dozen bra styles in your lingerie drawer, but none fill every one of your fashion needs. Do you buy a bra for every item in your closet? That's not practical. But you can think “outside the bra.” And turn to some handy accessories that help you customize your bra experience.

How do I define perfect fit, fashion, and support? For me it’s the absence of any wardrobe malfunction: from unwanted nip slips, unsightly bra straps, or anything that brings attention to my bra instead of my clothing. I’d rather not be tugging at a too tight band, pulling up on my strapless bra, or fingering the opening of my top to make sure everything stays in place. I’m looking for a worry and pain free foundation experience.

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These six bra add-ons offer women greater bra fashion and fit flexibility:

1)   Nipple covers. Worried about nipping out? It's called a fashion faux pas, even though nipples comes in all different shapes and sizes and some are always at attention. (Nippage isn't frowned upon in other fashion forward countries.) But if it makes you uncomfortable, keep a pair of covers handy. From neutral skin tone adhesives to cute Nippies in every color and shape imaginable, you’ll always feel secure. Many women wear them when going bra-free.


Bristols Six Nippies Skin

2)   Silicone or Foam Inserts. Theses products slip into and stay in place inside your bra cup. They can double as breast size equalizers or cleavage enhancers. Every woman has two different size breasts on her chest and sometimes that difference is more pronounced. And some breast cancer surgeries (lumpectomies) change breast volume on one side. “Chicken cutlets” (as they are called in the lingerie trade) come in a variety of sizes and styles and are a great way to achieve bra cup equilibrium or extra lift.


Braza Silicone Shapers

3)   Bra band extenders. Band sizes span from 28 to 50 across different bra brands. But that doesn’t mean all bras are available in every size. Band extenders allow you to add inches to any bra that fits in every other way, except around your unique ribcage. And they're available in double, triple, and even quad hook combinations.


The Natural Bra Extenders

4)   Clear bra straps. These can be tricky to use, but are worth keeping in your bra first-aid kit. I’ve substituted them for darker bra straps or added them to a strapless bra. You’ll find a surprising number of uses for them once you own a pair.


Fashion Forms Invisible Bra Straps

5)   Strap cushions. Not all bra straps are created equal. Some can dig in to your shoulders, slip off, or even irritate your skin. Whatever the reason, these nifty little shoulder cushions keep you comfy and your straps in place.

6)   Double backed sticky tape. How do celebrities on the Red Carpet keep their extreme plunging necklines from falling open? They rely on skin and fabric tape. Hollywood Fashion Tape, and similar brands, are also great for quick fixes on hemlines and other possible wardrobe fails. This "must have" comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and neatly fits into any small evening purse or wallet.

Other bra add-on brands and products that help you customize your bra can be found in The Breast Life store.

What’s your experience? Do you customize your bra? What are your favorite products? Please leave your tips in the comments below!

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