Back to School Shopping Bra ABC's

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

It's the end of summer and time for back to school shopping. Whether you're in high school or headed to college, you might look forward to choosing from the latest fall styles.

But none of the adorable new fashions you buy will look their best if they're worn over tired, ill-fitting bras. So make sure to budget for and add some quality foundations to your back to school shopping list.

Here are few ABC's (and D's and E's) to get you in the back to school bra shopping mood:

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Assess your current size: You can turn to an experienced bra fitter for help, but it's still good to know what fit you like best. Start by dumping out the contents of your lingerie drawer and trying on each for size. Which ones fit? Are you busting out of the cups? Does the band ride up in the back? Are wires sitting on top of your boobs?

If you decide to go up a band or cup size, review the key points of good bra fit. Even if you haven't outgrown them, chances are your old bras are worn out and still need to be replaced. Keep in mind what you like about the fit of your favorite bras before buying new stock.

Be timely: I'm not talking sales, although you'll find plenty of special back to school discounts. Your breasts can swell, and be sore, the week before your period. No need to make your intimate apparel shopping experience uncomfortable. Check your calendar and make sure you aren't near your monthly cycle before you go bra shopping.

Affinitas Parfait

Affinitas Intimates Parfait Charlotte Padded Bra

Consider bra style: Is your personal style casual, preppy, complicated, or super feminine? If you live in a warmer climate you might wear bralettes, racer back bras, or need a bra with convertible straps. Is nippage your issue? A contour cup or t-shirt bra may be the go-to bra in your everyday wardrobe. Take a look at what you like to wear and try to match it up to your ideal bra style (not unlike matching shoes to an outfit). Once you've found the right size and style, get dressed and make sure you like how it makes your boobs look underneath your clothes.


Wacoal Embrace Lace T-Shirt Bra

Don't forget sports bras: You don't have to play on a team or be super athletic to be physically active. You may go hiking, biking, running, skiing, or take yoga classes with friends. You need to protect your breast assets with the proper equipment. Now's the time to invest in a couple of cute bras that make it easy to stay active and involved. Plus they can be worn on those few days each month when they're all you want to wear (see B above).

Moving Comfort Juno Bra

Moving Comport Juno Sports Bra

Extend your investments: Stock up on bra wash and make a plan for how you'll store your bras. Molded cups folded in half can be dented and crushed. Best to hang or lay them flat in a deep drawer. Think about how you'll wash your bras, drying options, and what supplies you might need. Your bra wardrobe will look better and last longer if you give it some tender loving care.

Are bras on your back to school shopping list? Any favorite styles or brands you prefer? What would make your bra buying easier?

Featured image: Cosabella Soire Bralette Bra

Image credits: Bare Necessities and HerRoom


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