Back-to-School Bra, Loungewear & Lingerie Care Kit for Your Student

  |   By Estelle Puleston

Summer is almost over. Before you know it, students will be flocking back to their places of study or going for the first time. If you’re the parent or caregiver of a student, you're probably shopping for necessary back-to-school items. You may be thinking of bedsheets or dorm supplies, but have you considered bras or sleepwear? We wear them every day, so they’re important, too!

Below are some student-friendly back-to-school gift ideas. For example, stylish sports bras encourage them to stay active and exercise. Other products help them take good care of their underthings when both space and free time are limited. (Okay, students have tons of free time, but they’re supposed to be using it to study).

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You don’t have to buy your student everything on this list. They may even already have some of it. But you can look through it together to decide which back-to-school item(s) would come in handy for their lifestyle.

Sports Bras, Nightwear, and Loungewear

back-to-school cami set

Ginger Cami & Cara Short
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Lusomé

Especially during exam season, getting a good night’s sleep is essential. This moisture-wicking sleepwear keeps you cool and comfy at night, even during a heatwave!

back-to-school dorm pjs

Washed Cotton Cami & Soft Cotton Wide-Leg PJ Pant
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Victoria’s Secret

In my first year as a student, I swear that half the time I was home, I lived in PJ bottoms. They were the perfect, easy thing to throw on to wander down the hall to the communal kitchen. They also kept me covered for those surprise fire drills at 3 am! A comfy must-have for sure.

back-to-school dorm robe

Essentials Knit Robe by Alfani
Available in sizes XS-3XL
via Macy’s

Speaking of comfort, I’m a firm believer that a cozy robe is a wardrobe essential at any age. Your student can wear it to study in their room, to curl up in bed watching Netflix, or to go to/from a shared bathroom. If you’re only treating them to one piece of loungewear, make it this one.

cute sports bras

Workout to Waves® Sports Bra
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Spanx

Student accommodation isn’t exactly known for its walk-in wardrobes. This 2-in-1 piece is the perfect space saver. It’s both a chic workout bra and a bikini top!

full bust sports bras
Orbit Sports Bra
Available in sizes 28F-38J
via Bravissimo

For the full-busted student, this chic sports bra provides a significantly higher level of support. Which means working out will be more comfortable. Plus it looks cool! That’s two fewer excuses to sleep in rather than hitting the gym.

pretty full bust sports bra

Sport Control Sports Bra by Glamorise
Available in sizes 40B-46F
via Figleaves

For plus-size wearers, this colorful sports bra makes you feel energetic, just looking at it. It’s moisture-wicking and machine-washable. The adjustable support makes it suitable for anything from low to high-impact activities.

Lingerie Care and Storage Tools

back-to-school bra organizer

Closet Hanging Organizer With Mesh Pockets
via Amazon

This double-sided organizer has room for bras on one side and smaller pockets for briefs on the other. It’s not just ideal for saving space. It also makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and avoids molded cups getting dented.

best no-rinse bra wash

Full-Size Lingerie Wash, Yuzu Scent
via Soak

Good bras aren’t cheap. Cash-strapped students especially will want to get maximum value for money, by making them last as long as possible. The best way to do that is to wash them by hand. And no-rinse delicate wash makes it oh-so-simple! Let the lingerie soak for a bit while eating breakfast or attending a class. Then squeeze the excess water out and leave to dry.

collapsible wash basin

Collapsible Portable Wash Basin by Prepworks by Progressive
via Amazon

Of course, your student will need somewhere to leave their lingerie while it’s getting clean. I use my sink, but they may not have a private one. This tub is a perfect size, plus it’s collapsible for easy storage. Oh, and according to the Amazon photos, it doubles as a drinks cooler for parties!

lingerie wash bag

Sanitized Mesh Wash Bag by Woolite
via Amazon

Let's be realistic; some students just won’t be persuaded that hand-washing is worth the effort. If you know those bras are going to end up in the machine, this wash bag is a better buy. It helps to reduce snags, dents, and other damage.

over-the-door drying rack

3-Tier Over the Door Drying Rack by Greenco
via Amazon

Hand-washed or machine-washed, there’s one thing lingerie should never be—tumble-dried! It ruins elastic and makes garments, especially bras and briefs, wear out much quicker. This drying rack gives space-poor students a private place to lay lingerie out after washing. Afterward, it folds down flat.

If you are or have been a student, which of these items would be on your back-to-school shopping list? Is there anything else you found essential that I’ve not included?

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