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9 Brands Making Small Cup Bras on Plus Sized Bands

  |   By Estelle Puleston

I recently rounded up a list of small bust lingerie brands. But it lacked one thing: small cup sizes across larger bands. Especially anything above a 40. So today I’m bringing you a selection of brands where you can find AA-B cups on plus-sized bands.

Oh, and these bras are pretty too! Because wearing a hard-to-find size shouldn’t mean you’re stuck with boring beige. Whether you wear a 40B or a 58A, there’s something below for you.

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small cup

Summer Underwired Bra
Available in sizes 34B-48F
via Miss Mary of Sweden

Miss Mary of Sweden

This European-made brand puts a bit emphasis on fit and comfort. And having been around for over 60 years, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect both. They offer A cups up to a 40 band size, and B cups all the way up to a 52 band.

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Brigitte Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree Bra
Available in sizes 36A-54G
via Leading Lady

Leading Lady

Based in the US, this is another brand that’s been around long enough to prove they know what they are doing. Founded in 1939, they are still a family-run business. They offer plus size bras up to a 56 band size, though A cups stop just shy at a 54.

small cup

Baboushka Balcony Vertical Seam Bra
Available in sizes 30C-44G
via Primadonna


Perhaps you’ve dismissed this brand in the past because they describe themselves as “made for larger cup sizes.” However, they do create B cups up to a 48 band size. That is the smallest cup size that they make, though, so no As.

small cup

Joy Full Cup Bra by Conturelle
Available in sizes 34C-48B
via HerRoom

Conturelle by Felina

Adding to the list of heritage brands, this one goes way back in 1885! They also bottom out at a B cup, at least in the larger band sizes. However, that cup size can be found all the way up to a 50 band.

small cup

Perfect A Padded & Seamless Bra by Glamorise
Available in sizes 38A-58A
via Classic Shapewear


Wear a large or even extra large band size, and want a bra that’s dainty-looking? How about this textured bralette? As the name suggests, it’s available exclusively in an A cup. And right through to a 58! This almost 100-year-old brand also makes lots of B cups, though the prettier styles stop at a 48 band.

small cup

Magique M Bra
Available in sizes 28A-42B
via Ewa Michalak

Ewa Michalak

This fun and stylish Polish brand is a firm favorite among full-bust lingeristas. However, it’s less well-known that they make small cup sizes too. They have one of the broadest size ranges of any bra brand worldwide. Notably, they make AA cups for plus sizes. AA and A cups are available to a 42 band, and B cups to a 46.

small cup

Padded Wirefree Bra
With Lurex Mesh
Available in sizes 40C-48DD
via Addition Elle

Addition Elle

This plus-size fashion brand is known for its lingerie range. Primarily its lingerie collaboration with model Ashley Graham. Unfortunately, that line doesn’t come below a C cup. But in the rest of their bra collection, you’ll find B cups up to a 46 band.

small cup

Champs Elysées Full Coverage Unlined Bra
Available in sizes 34B-42E
via Chantelle


The oldest brand on this list, this one has been around since 1876! So naturally, they’ve had time to expand their sizing options. You’ll find B cups to a 44 band size, and A cups to a 40 band. It’s a luxury brand so ideal if you’re looking to invest in something well-made and beautiful.

small cup

Josephine Powder Pink Curvy Plunge Bra
Available in sizes 28A-44G
via Buttress & Snatch

Buttress & Snatch

Speaking of beautiful things, let’s end on a fancy note! This brand and its sister-brand MariLupa are both made by an independent designer. The sites have no size filter so you’ll need to do a bit of digging. But I can tell you that I’ve spotted 40A, 40B, and 42B on various products. Plus, being handmade, they also offer custom sizing on request.


Small cup, large band wearers, are there any other brands that you love? And what do you think of the ones above?

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