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8 Sports Bras for Small Busts

  |   By Laurie Shapiro

If you think because you don't have big boobs you don't need a sports bra, think again! When exercising, unsupported breasts have serious bounce, with A cups moving 1.5" in each direction. Well-fitting sports bras for small busts cut this movement in half.

Research has shown that a poor fitting sports bra changes the way you run and impacts your performance. Our breasts affect our exercise behavior, with problems finding the right sports bra and embarrassment by breast movement common culprits. In one study, it didn't matter whether the participants were large busted or small busted, suggesting women of all sizes experience exercise barriers due to bad support.

There are two main types of sports bras. The compression styles limit in and out movement, compressing breasts against the chest wall to restrict movement. Compression with encapsulation utilize individual cups that limit total breast movement (not just in and out but side to side). While smaller busts can certainly get away with less restrictive styles, especially for low-impact activities, high-impact sports benefit from bras that keep breasts in place.

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Compression only sports bras are usually pullover styles that give a flatter look (be lucky you're not full busted or you'd get the dreaded "uniboob" effect). These are sized XS-XL and don't give individualized fit. Encapsulation styles will be bra sized and will lift and separate each breast. They can be underwired or wire-free. Look for styles in breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that dry quickly and will keep you cool and comfortable during hot workouts.

Even if you're an AA or A cup, a good fitting sports bra will make the difference. Keep the following in mind when deciding if your new purchase can keep up with you and your workouts:

1. It should fit snug, tighter than your regular bra but not so tight that you can't take deep breaths with ease. Raise your hands above your head. If your band rides up, it's too loose.

2. The band provides the majority of the support. The wider the band, the more support. The band should be level all the way around your body.

3. Shoulder straps should not hold your bra up (the band does all the heavy lifting). They should have minimal stretch to reduce up and down movement. They shouldn't slip or bind and should ideally be adjustable.

4. Underwires should be flexible to move with your body.

5. Don't tolerate chafing around the armholes, straps, or band. Seams should be comfortably flat.

6. Cups should be smooth and enclose all of your breast tissue. If there is any wrinkling or puckering, the bra is too big. You can't keep breasts in place with saggy cups!

Whether you love running, tennis, yoga, or Zumba, there's a sports bra designed with your small breasts in mind. These eight sports bra styles will have you upping your exercise game in no time!

sports bras for small busts
Anita Momentum Wire-Free Sports Bra
Available in band sizes 30-46 with cup sizes A-H
Via HerRoom

sports bras for small busts

Natori Yogi Sports Bra
Available in band sizes 32-40 with cup sizes A-H
Via HerRoom

sports bras for small busts

Shock Absorber Max Sports Bra
Available in band sizes 28-40 with cup sizes A-HH
Via HerRoom

sports bra

Moving Comfort Urban X-Over Sports Bra
Available in XS-XL (fitting 30A-40A)
Via Moving Comfort
sports bras for small busts
Amoena Medium Control Wire-Free Sports Bra
Available in band sizes 32-42 with cup sizes AA-C
Via Bare Necessities
sports bras for small busts
Lorna Jane Mesh Sports Bra
Available in XS-L (fitting sizes 4-10)
Via Nordstrom

sports bras for small busts

Nike Dri-Fit Padded Sports Bra
Available in XS-XL (fitting sizes 2-16)
Via Nordstrom
sports bras for small busts
Adjustable Handful Bra
Available in sizes XS-L (fitting band sizes 32-40 with cup sizes A-C)
Via Handful

If you're small busted, do you like support while exercising? Have you had any problems finding well-fitting sports bras for small busts?

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