7 Wireless Bralettes You Can Actually Wear Out of the House

  |   By Holly Jackson

While I still think wireless bralettes are a big marketing trick that isn’t particularly body positive, you may be surprised to know that I’ve purchased a bunch in the last six months or so.

Part of it was out of necessity. I got tendonitis and bursitis in one shoulder that took months to resolve, so wearing regular bras was pretty much a guarantee of excruciating pain for a while. Secondly, I got some good recommendations of some bralettes that weren’t expensive, so I decided to take the plunge and see if there were some better ones out there. It turns out that there are!

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If you’re someone who is full-busted and wants a wireless bralette that creates lots of breast separation and pulls them up to your eyeballs, you’re not going to find that on this list---because it doesn’t exist. Finding wireless bras that you love is, in some ways, an exercise in compromise. Can you compromise looks for function? Can you stand that uni-boob look? Do you want something that doubles as a fashion cami or not? There are tons of options, but none will check off all those boxes.

That said, thanks to some of the full bust wireless bralettes on this list, I’m a convert. Even though my shoulder is thankfully better, I’m still wearing my bralettes to work and sleep in (and even occasionally under a jacket or sweater to grab some milk from the store). While I’m not giving up my lovely underwires, I’m not so opposed to wire-free weekends either.

Floral Print Microfiber & Lace Racerback Bralette by Torrid:

full bust wireless bralettes

Floral Print Microfiber & Lace Racerback Bralette
Available in Sizes 0-5
via Torrid

I got tons of recommendations to try the Torrid wireless bralettes, and I’ve now gone through several different styles. Their microfiber racerback designs are my current favorites and the most supportive of all their styles. I love to wear them for working at home and sleeping. But I’ve even snuck out of the house in them a few times and felt okay on those days when my shoulder just couldn’t take regular straps. They're popular and sell out fast, but they also restock new prints and colors frequently. They wash well and don’t stretch out over time so that you can get lots of wear out of them.

Strappy Mesh Bralette by Torrid:

full bust wireless bralettes

Strappy Mesh Bralette
Available in Sizes 0-5
via Torrid

These are not as supportive as the bras above, but they still work nicely and double as a fashion cami under shirts or dresses. The racerback and adjustable straps are nice features. And I can see wearing them in the summer with tank tops.

Sophie Non-Wired Bra by Panache:

wireless bralettes
Sophie Non-Wired Bra by Panache
Available in Bands 30-40 and Cups D-J
via Bravissimo

While this isn’t technically a wireless bralette, this Panache wire-free bra style is just as lovely and fits up to a J cup. Like a traditional bra, you can also adjust both the band and straps for better support.

Eurphoria Bralet by Tia Lyn:

wireless bralettes

Eurphoria Bralet
Available in 2 Colors in Sizes S-L and 1-3
via Tia Lyn

I pretty much like everything by Tia Lyn, but this bralette is even more comfortable than the rest of her line. While it doesn’t provide enough support to do much in, it’s pretty and feels like a cloud against your skin. If you just want a bralette to lounge and look lovely, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Polka Dot Lace Strappy Bralette by Lovesick:

full bust wireless bralettes

Polka Dot Lace Strappy Bralette
Available in Sizes 0-5
via Lovesick

Lovesick is the little sister brand of Torrid, which means their bralettes are of decent quality as well. This red polka dots bralette would also work for a lazy Valentine’s Day but still feels young and fresh.

High Neck Floral Lace Bralette by Lovesick:

wireless bralettes

High Neck Floral Lace Bralette
Available in Sizes 000-5
via Lovesick

Here's another on-trend bralette style from Lovesick which also features racerback styling with adjustable straps. The high neck detail makes it a perfect layering piece.

Lace Racerback Bralette by Lovesick:

wireless bras

Lace Racerback Bralette
Available in Sizes 00-5
via Lovesick

This racerback bralette features all of the same design elements as my favorite Torrid bra, so is a great bet if Torrid is out of prints or colors that you like (why all the skulls, Torrid?). These come in a wide range of colors and would look pretty under another shirt for a pop of color or on their own when you lounge glamorously around your house.

What do you think of these wireless bralettes and wire-free bras? Would you wear them out of the house?

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