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5 Signs You're Wearing The Perfect Bra

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Why is it so hard to find the perfect bra?

For starters, no two bras are made or sized the same way. I wear multiple band/letter combinations in different brands and styles (my Bra Zone). Plus boobs are always changing. Maybe some bra styles fit you better during your menstrual cycle. Then again, those may be uncomfortable at other times of the month. Any bra is "wrong" if what you put on over it doesn't match its style.

There's nothing "wrong" with going braless, either. But for me, wearing a beautiful bra makes me feel and look way better than taking the free-boob route. Yes, there are plenty of obstacles to finding the perfect bra. So this post is a reminder of how good bras can be. And it comes complete with photos of the ones that are my current favorites. Feel free to share your own in the comments below!

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Here are five signs you're wearing the right or perfect bra:

1. It puts you in a happy place, even when you're not wearing it. I've got a few sets that I get excited about, even before I put them on. It might be the color (like the purple Empreinte below), or some unique lace details. It could be slipping on a fantastic sports bra, knowing I'll have a great workout thanks to the superior construction and support. Whatever it was that first attracted me to buy these pieces, my enthusiasm hasn't faded. These bras lift my mood, not just my boobs.

perfect bra

Empreinte Apolline 
Available in 3 Colors
Fits Bands 32-46, Cups C-H
via Empreinte
 perfect bra
Panache Underwire Sports Bra
Avaialble in Bands 30-40, Cups D-H
via Nordstrom

2. You buy more than one of the brand/style. Perfect bras are like shoes for me. I trust what I like and know what looks best on my body (and my feet). So if I fall in love with one style, I look for it every season and try to buy it in a new colorway. Or I'm open to trying new designs from that same brand.

perfect bra

Empreinte Melody Underwire Seamless Bra
Available in 6 Colors
Fits Bands 32-42, Cups C-G
via HerRoom
the perfect bra
Chantelle Intimates C Chic Underwire Bra
Fits Bands 30-40, Cups C-G
via Nordstrom

3. No matter what you're wearing over it, the perfect bra (nearly always) works its magic underneath. There's no need to fuss with sharp wires or worry about bra straps when you're in the right bra. There's no spilling out and over the cups, or under bands, either. And forget about any pain in your shoulders or back. Most of all, the perfect bra keeps my boobs in place and makes me look my best in nearly all my clothes. Why "nearly?" Because every bra style doesn't always fit under every possible clothing choice.

perfect bra

Panache Tango Plunge Bra
Available in Bands 28-38, Cups D-H
via HerRoom
perfect bra
Marie Jo Avero Convertible Bra
Fits Bands 30-40, Cups A-E
via Bare Necessities

perfect bra

Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra
Available in 4 Colors
Fits Bands 32-46, EU Cups C-I
via Bare Necessities
perfect bra
Nubian Skin Essential Underwire Convertible Strapless Bra
Available in 3 colors
Fits Bands 30-38, Cups C-DD
via Nordstrom

4. You care. You won't neglect the bras you most adore. I'm extra thoughtful when I put them on or take them off, careful not to twist or tear the delicate elastic and fabric. And I store them properly. Finally, I wash them regularly. I try not to abuse them because I want to keep them around for as long as possible.

perfect bra

Fleur of England Scarlet Balcony Bra
via Nancy Meyer

perfect bra

Lise Charmel Princesse Gothique Bra
via Glamuse

5. You have a hard time letting go. Forget about ripping off the perfect bra at the end of a long day. It's never intrusive, tortuous, or overpowering. You may even have a small twinge of sorrow when it's worn out, and time to find a replacement. Breaking up with the right bra is never easy.

What about you? What's your idea of the perfect bra? 


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