vintage inspired bras

10 Vintage Inspired Bras For Full Busted Lingerie Lovers

  |   By Holly Jackson

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the retro lingerie aesthetic. In a world of strappy black lingerie, I’m the one who still reaches for crazy prints and girly lace.

I put together a list of some of the best vintage inspired bras for those of us with an extra helping of curves. While it’s hard to find truly authentic feeling vintage lingerie in this size range, there is lots of great stuff inspired by past eras out there. There’s something here for everyone, whether you want to add to your current collection, channel your inner Agent Carter or just dip your toe in vintage inspired waters.

Curvy Strawberry Bra by Buttress & Snatch:

vintage inspired bras

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Buttress & Snatch Curvy Strawberry Bra
Available in Bands 28-42, Cups B-H
via Buttress & Snatch

I could pick only three places to buy lingerie at for the rest of my life, Buttress & Snatch would be at the top of my list. Their pieces are exactly what curvy lingerie lovers have been begging for at a truly impressive quality level. Their bra shapes are unusual, their materials are top quality (and frequently are vintage themselves), and their designs are eminently flattering. I’ve ordered several sets now and have yet to be disappointed.

I love this strawberry inspired bra for summer because it’s thematic, but also because of the vintage details. The shape is unusually vintage, while the trim is vintage. If strawberries aren’t your thing, it’s also available in red gingham.

Lace Longline Strapless by Elila:

vintage inspired bras

Elila Lace Longline Strapless Bra
Available in 3 Colors, Fitting Bands 34-46, Cups B-H
via HerRoom

This longline bra makes the list for two reasons: It’s vintage shape and the fact that it’s simply the best strapless I’ve ever worn. It’s comfortable and supportive, despite all of the channels and boning. I’ve worn it for eight-hour parties and haven’t had it move once, but I could still eat and move around. I also love that it looks just like the bras that you see classic starlets wearing.

Clara Bra by Panache:

vintage inspired bras

Panache Clara Full Cup Bra
Available in 3 Colors, Fitting Bands 30-38, Cups D-J
via Bare Necessities

The Clara bra is one of those bras that doesn’t stand out in photos but pops in person. That’s ‘why I own three of them. They release it in gorgeous new fashion colors every season, but it also comes in basic continuity colors. The impression in real life is gently metallic with a light and beautiful sheen.

Breeze Longline by Cleo by Panache:

vintage inspired bras

Cleo by Panache Breeze Longline Balconette Bra
Available in 2 Colors, Fitting Bands 28-38, Cups DD-GG
via Figleaves

Longlines are quintessentially vintage, but it can be hard to find ones that will fit you if you’re curvy. Cleo makes great options every season, but this Breeze version has been popular enough to be produced in several colorways. I love the white based floral print this season, as it feels 70’s inspired to me.

Retro Chic Bra by Wacoal:

vintage inspired bras

Wacoal Retro Chic Underwire Bra
Available in 7 Colors, Bands 32-46, Cups C-I
via Bare Necessities

The Wacoal was the only “pretty” bra that fit me as a teenager, which doesn’t make me feel that fondly about it. However, it is nicely vintage inspired and has stood the test of time. I love that it now comes in an excellent range of colors and goes up to an I cup, making it a great choice for someone who wants a basic bra with a slightly retro look.

Sophia Bra by Katherine Hamilton Intimates:

vintage inspired bras

Katherine Hamilton Sophia Bra
Available in Bands 26-36, Cups D-HH
via Katherine Hamilton Intimates

The Sophia Bra is another excellent choice for those of you who like your underwear with a hint of retro style. This luxurious full bust bra from Katherine Hamilton Intimates combines vintage style lace with modern construction techniques to produce a bra that represents the best of both worlds. This line is only currently available in black and white but should have fashion colors coming soon.

Panache Chi Chi Bra:

vintage inspired bras

Panache Chi Chi Underwire Bra
Available in Bands 34-44, Cups E-H
via Nordstrom

This bra reminds me so much of one of those vintage postcards, so it obviously had to make this list. If you like the Jasmine/Envy bras by Panache but can’t quite fit into their size range; you’ll love this full-figured version as well. I tried it the first season and fell in love with it, even though I fit both lines.

Convertible Underwire Bra by Ashley Graham:


Ashley Graham Convertible Underwire Bra
Available in Bands 36-44, Cups C-DD
via Nordstrom

This rose-colored bra incorporates lovely vintage style lace into a modern design that can be worn two ways. The little padlock charm on the gore is adorable as well!

Curvy Antoinette Bra by Buttress & Snatch:

vintage inspired bras

Buttress & Snatch Antoinette Bra
Available in Bands 28-42, Cups A-H
via Buttress & Snatch

Another set from Buttress & Snatch, but this one a more boudoir oriented take on their line. I own this and love it (and tend to wear it under regular clothes). The gauzy top is insanely romantic, and the raspberry color pops in real life.

Thea Bra by Panache:

vintage inspired bras

Panache Theo Bra
Available in Bands 30-38, Cups E-K
via Bravissimo

This romantic floral bra from Panache has a soft 70’s influence and is perfect for summer. This a new bra from Panache so I don’t know how it fits yet, but they’ve had so many hits in the past few years that I’m sure it’s a safe bet for those of you who already like the brand.

What do you think of these vintage inspired bras for fuller busts? Which would you wear?

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