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Why I'm Not Making Any New Year Resolutions

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I've spent many a cold January day making up a list of New Year resolutions. I'm not sure how many of them I kept, but it doesn't matter anymore. Writing anything down helped me focus on my goals.

This year is different, though. One phrase keeps popping up in my head. It's a simple and straight forward message that there's "no turning back." It's not so much a resolution as a theme for the coming year. And it seems a good fit for where I am right now, both mentally and physically.

This last year was about closing out my mother's estate and selling her house. I said goodbye to the only family home I'd known for over 50 years. It was the place I stayed when I visited Seattle, but not anymore. My home is now in Southern California and there's no going back to living in the Pacific Northwest.

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There were some changes to my aging body, too. Nothing out of the ordinary, but a realization that I'm not getting any younger. I'll be entering my 6th decade on this planet in 2016, and there's no turning back the clock. Sure, I could go in for some plastic surgery to keep things looking youthful and perky. But I've grown to love my wrinkles, my less firm skin, and even the bigger boobs and crinkly cleavage I gained through menopause.

So it's time to put away the notion that I'm ever going to wear this 34C Simone Perele set again. It's just keeping me from buying a suitable replacement and taking up space in my lingerie drawer. (Note to self: time to research a post on best places to sell gently used lingerie.) I'm glad I have the wisdom to accept things as they are and be joyful for what I do have: good health, pretty good genes, and a great gym conveniently located down the street.

new year resolutions One last look at the pretties that no longer fit me

What about The Breast Life? After considering all my options, I've decided against revising my first book, bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls. Much has changed in the boob world over the past 7 years. While I want to keep readers updated on the latest bra brands, breast products, or other news, it's more practical to package this in a simpler format. Plus, my views have changed too. I want to give readers practical advice they can use in their everyday lives. Rather than rewriting one book covering a wide range of breast topics, I'm planning on publishing a series of shorter eBooks. Look for the first title this Spring, or sign up for my Newsletter to stay updated.

No turning back also means moving forward with my readers, whatever their breast concerns and wherever they might be. Back in 2007, MySpace was the only place to get out my message. Now there are dozens of platforms for experts. But all this access doesn't mean better info about breasts. There's even more misinformation about bra fittings, breast cancer, plastic surgery, and public breastfeeding. Expect me to be more vocal and outspoken in educating and informing readers on social media and other news and consumer outlets.

I'm excited to move forward by not turning back. It doesn't mean I can't learn from the past. I'm replacing what no longer works and moving in a new direction.

I hope you'll join me on this journey and allow me to continue to support you in the coming year.

What about you? Do you make New Year resolutions? How important is the beginning of a New Year when setting personal and professional goals?

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