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  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Does your breast life need a lift? Mine did. I hit my 50s searching for a quick pick-me-up. I took up running, signed up for self-improvement classes, and had a cosmetic breast lift. I wrote a short story in a random writing class about my perkier “girls.” That sparked a sudden and burning desire to fulfill my creative potential. I soon traded the role of busy stay-at-home (but always in the car) mom for that of a well-traveled, professional speaker and author. Within a few weeks of the publication of my first book, I ended my 25-year marriage, sold my suburban Pacific Northwest home, and buried my father. Two states, three cities, and five years later, I now live in Los Angeles. I am more secure and comfortable in my aging skin than at any other time in my life. And I’m just starting to live my breast life.

Welcome to the new Elisabeth Dale’s The Breast Life. What’s different? A website that’s clear, direct, and reflects lessons learned along my journey. Here you’ll find:

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Elisabeth Dale, circa 2006

1. Everything Changes. That goes double for women’s breasts. has resources to get you through the ups and downs of puberty, bra fitting, pregnancy and nursing, health concerns, surgery, and menopause. Reader “mammoirs” span a wide range of breast experiences. Featured products, stories, and quizzes change regularly. The new search function makes it easier to find what you need.

DSCN10472. No two boobs are alike, even on the same woman. Why not embrace what makes you different and unique? Certain brands and styles of bras support women better than others. I look for the right fit both for my breasts and my lifestyle. Someone else can’t replicate my experience breastfeeding three babies. Cosmetic breast lifts aren’t on every woman’s agenda. Women with breast health issues are given individual treatment plans and patient options. presents diverse products and points of view.

bOObs__A_Guide_t_4dee77730e0543. It takes brains to know boobs. Women’s breasts are way more than the sexual eye candy exposed in films, magazines, and across the Internet. They are mysterious, magical, and worthy of honor and respect. But many objectify and trivialize breasts for their own pleasure or profit. Look for articles that pull back the curtains on breast stereotypes and uninformed breast beliefs. We uncover boob news and research that inspires, educates, and entertains. puts the power of boobs back where it belongs: in a woman’s hands.

A wise bra fitter once told me that she fits women “up here” -- pointing to her own head. I hope this new site lifts your life, and not just your boobs. Please take a tour and share your thoughts with me below. All the breast!

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