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Looking for more of Elisabeth Dale's The Breast Life? You'll find my guest blog posts on other retail, industry, and news sites around the web.

Check out the following websites to read some of my more controversial articles.

The Huffington Post

Huffington Post Elisabeth DaleThe Huffington Post covers news and opinion on many topics. My blog posts have appeared in the Style, Parenting, and their Healthy Living sections. You'll find news of breast milk flavored lollipops and attitudes toward breastfeeding, a push for greater diversity in lingerie, and women's lingerie choices after mastectomy---plus more.

Lingerie Briefs

Lingerie Briefs Elisabeth DaleLingerie Briefs features articles geared to both the lingerie consumer and industry insiders. Many of my Breast Briefs posts have been reprinted on The Huffington Post. You'll also find stories on the debate over a lingerie brand's modelling contest, the impact of Angelina Jolie's mastectomy on the future of women's health, and the growing trend of men wearing bras.

The Lingerie Addict

The Lingerie Addict

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The Lingerie Addict is an internationally respected blog giving expert lingerie advice to the everyday woman. My most recent post on whether lingerie brands should sew breast cancer awareness labels into bras created quite a stir. Check out the comments and weigh in with your thoughts. 

The Lingerie Journal

Lingerie Journal Elisabeth DaleThe Lingerie Journal offers news and advice to lingerie retailers.  Lucky me! I got to go "behind the seams" at a gorgeous Hollywood Hills mansion to cover a photoshoot for the new Baci Lingerie Corset Collection. Look for my next article, on petite lingerie brands, coming soon.

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