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Nudwear Backless Strapless Gel Bra Review

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

An adhesive backless strapless gel bra is a great fashion solution for mostly smaller busted women. I've never been able to wear them because they don't seem to hold up my D+ heavier breasts.

I'm a bit envious of those who can fit into these bra styles. They work well under regular clothing or breezy summer halter tops and dresses. They'll also keep things in place under more formal wear, be it a slinky sexy cocktail or fancy wedding dress.

When Nüdwear sent me** their adhesive strapless gel Nud bra, I had to pass it on to another of The Breast Life testers for review. Lisa was happy to try it out since she had never worn a backless, strapless gel bra. She didn't even know they existed.

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strapless gel braNüdwear Strapless Backless Gel Bra

If you're not familiar with adhesive bras, you should understand how they work. The bras (and there are many brands from which to choose) consist of two separate soft, smooth, and flexible silicone gel cups. Each is lined with tacky adhesive made to stick to boob flesh. You can position the cups to bring your breasts higher up or closer together. The gel cups can be placed farther apart and then hooked together in middle to create cleavage. The adhesive on the cups work best if your boobs are clean and dry, and free of any lotion or moisturizer.

strapless gel braNüdwear Strapless Backless Gel Bra

Our tester, Lisa, is 40 years old, 5'8", and wears a 38A in most bra brands. She tried out the Nud Size B, which is larger than recommended but fit her perfect. Some reviewers on the Nüdwear site suggest that if you've had children, or you want more coverage, that you go up a size.

Here's what Lisa found when wearing the Nüdwear gel bra:

Pros: I thought it was supportive and very comfortable. My bras with straps can often be seen with the shirts I wear, it was great to have a nice clean look up top. Other than making sure it was even, the bra is easy to put on and take off. Cleaning is nice and simple.

I was surprised at how well it stayed on, that the adhesive still sticks after the several times [eight] I have worn it. The bra does give cleavage which was also a nice bonus.

Cons: When worn under rayon or clingy fabrics, the outline of the bra could show through.

Overall I love the bra. I think it's a great idea and I would recommend it to women.

Nüdwear's reusable adhesive backless strapless gel bra is available in sizes A to D (fitting AA to DD) and is currently on sale for $29.95.

Have you ever worn an adhesive bra? Do you like them and would you recommend them to other readers?

Featured image: Nüdwear Backless Strapless Gel Bra

**I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own or those of The Breast Life product tester.

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