The Bra Zone: Where to Buy the Book

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

So I wrote a book...and, to be honest, it feels a bit awkward engaging in blatant self-promotion.

But if you're looking for a fun, fresh, and easy gift to give this holiday season, The Bra Zone may be right for you. And now we've got three new ways for you to buy the book.


The reviews are in, and readers love the small and perfect stocking stuffer size of the book, along with its positive message and a vast addendum of lingerie resources.

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The book appeals to many audiences, from first-time bra buyers to expectant mothers, and those who want to expand their lingerie horizons (or finally understand the wacky world of bra sizing). It's a great gift for anyone who shops for bras---no matter their sex or stage of life.

“The Bra Zone is your ultimate guide to finding bras that make you happy. A large portion of the book is dedicated to sourcing bras that fit how you want them to, including tips to deal with common issues such as shoulder pain or uneven breasts, and advice to get measured or measure yourself.”

— Estelle, Esty Lingerie

Bra Zone

“The Bra Zone tells you what we in the lingerie and fitting industry all know, which is not complicated for anyone else to understand. You don’t need to be an expert to take bra matters into your own hands! Most importantly, to me personally, is the genuine and warm body positive message which runs throughout the book.”

— Niamh, H Cup Chronicles


“This book is an absolute must buy as a “go-to” read when bra shopping (and take it with you , it’s compact). It will change your purchase for the better and open your eyes to styles you never thought you could wear, without doubt!”

— The Lingerie Stories


Check out these new purchasing options:

1) Support local retailers, shop small and buy from your independent bookstore.



2) Buy an autographed copy of The Bra Zone. You can now order signed copies of the book. You also have the option of shipping autographed copies to anywhere in the world. (But hurry, if you want your books to arrive by Christmas.)





3) Give the eBook. Want an electronic version of The Bra Zone? Buy the Kindle or paperback edition directly from Amazon.



Need more reasons to purchase the book? Read Amazon reviews here and Goodreads reviews here. Happy holidays and bra shopping!

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