Small Bra Cup Problems & Solutions

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Women may come in all shapes and sizes, but small bra cup problems don't get much attention. Some assume that women who wear AA, A, an B cups don't need "support," so what's to fit?

First, bra fit is about more than lift and support. Different bra styles alter the way my breasts look, creating new shapes. Some bras move a wider set closer together. Others add padding and push up and create more boob "muffin top." Contour and t-shirt bras give me a smooth, circular, full coverage look. I've got bras that do all that, and more. Bottom line? I want my bra to create a shape that compliments my body and my fashion choices.

Second, bra problems aren't the same for all sizes. Fitters often find full busted women wearing bras too big in the band and too small in the cup. Support for heavier breasts must be engineered properly, without trading complicated architecture for style and comfort. At the other end of the spectrum, small busts might end up in bras too small in the band and too big in the cup. Shallower breast tissue, spaced father apart, requires different bust styling. It not as simple as scaling down the same E cup design to fit a AA size.

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Over the last decade, many bra brands have launched or expanded existing lines to meet the needs of the D+ cup market. Now it looks like there is more interest and acceptance in finding solutions to small bra cup problems. Bloggers, fitters, and bra brands are stepping up to help women find the right styles for their uniquely sized breasts.

One UK company, just announced a partnership with luxury lingerie label Emma Harris. They're producing a line of  AA, A, and B cup bras that solve the small bust issue of "gaping cups," where cups don't rest against breast flesh. So confident that small busters will love these new bras, is offering a "no gaping guarantee." If smaller cup women don't find it to be the best fitting bra they've ever worn, they'll get a full refund plus a £15.00 voucher to spend at

small cup bra problemsEmma Harris Signature Signature Ivory Plunge Bra
via Avariella Lingerie
small bra cup problemsEmma Harris Dusty Rose Plunge Bra
via Avariella Lingerie carries other designer lingerie brands in sizes fitting 28-36 bands with AA to B cups. Check out their gorgeous nursing bras in smaller cup sizes, as well as nightwear and other accessories.

What do you think of these solutions to small bra cup problems? Would you wear these bras? What are some of your favorite small bust bra brands and boutiques?

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