sexy santa costumes

Sexy Santa Costumes: A Few Questions

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Since I’m involved in the lingerie industry, it’s not unusual for me to find images of adult-oriented sexy Santa costumes in my inbox this time of year.

I understand the urge to dress in bright holiday red, green, or even faux-elf gear during the season. It helps to get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe a sexy Mrs. Claus romper has a place in your closet. Even holiday-themed lingerie has a purpose. But sexy Santa costumes? I don’t get it.

sexy santa costumes
Chic Santa Costume
via Yandy

So I put together a list of questions in hopes that one or more of my readers can help me figure out why there's demand for this product.

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Here's what I want to know:

sexy santa costumes

Women's Santa Baby Costume
via Target

How often and when do you wear a sexy Santa costume? Is it like Halloween, where you attend the occasional holiday party? Do you wear it when answering the door and greeting visitors? Or do you reserve it solely for boudoir play? If you wear it as a surprise for a lover, does it lose its effect if worn more than once? Do you put it on before or after the presents are opened up? (If it’s a gift, should it be unwrapped on Xmas eve?) If you’re a grandma, like me, do you wear it while making cookies with your grandkids?

sexy Santa costumes

Good Santa Roma Costume

What’s the point? Santa is the mysterious old man who grants material wishes to other people’s children. Does a sexy Santa have a romantic partner sit on their lap while making false promises someone else is supposed to fulfill?

sexy Santa costumes

Naughty Santa Roma Costume

Sexy Halloween costumes have a certain appeal because they mimic real life professions like a nurse, teacher, or….CSI Tech. But the same doesn’t ring true for Santa, IMHO. But I did find one male sexy Santa costume. You know, for those who follow more traditional gender roles.

sexy santa costumes

Men's Santa Claus Mankini
via Ebay

What do you think of sexy Santa costumes? Would you buy or wear one?

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