Sexy Lingerie Accessories: Love Hurts Edition

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Don’t be surprised to see more and more sexy lingerie accessories on sale at your local intimate apparel retailer. I just returned from the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show, where many of these products were on display.

I’m not referring to adult sex toys; although higher end brands are working their way into more mainstream retail outlets. (I’m saving my review of those items for a future post.)

These aren't the silk and satin pseudo-bondage boudoir pieces offered by a lingerie designer label, either.

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The sexy lingerie accessories I'm talking about are of the stylish BDSM "lite" variety: paddles, crops, nipple clips, collars, cuffs, masks, wrist and ankle ties. It may be due to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey (which I admit, I haven't read), or a wider acceptance of role playing in the bedroom. These products stand out because they add to and compliment the alluring lingerie pieces women already own.

Like many of today’s modern foundations, these sexy lingerie accessories cater to a strong female sensibility. They appeal to a woman’s sense of style, not just her partner’s needs. And they are about empowering women to embrace and act on their own sexual fantasies.

Here are a couple of brands that caught my eye:

Tyes by Tara dresses up your bondage game in pretty bows, pearls, and alluring wrist, nipple, and collar jewelry. Tara has three distinct lines, with many pieces made to wear outside the bedroom. You can choose from rings, hair bands, and other assorted fashion ties.

sexy lingerie accessoriesLace and pearl nipple and collar gift set

Another new discovery (for me) was Ruff Doggie Styles. This company started out selling to pet supply stores, and quickly developed a loyal following among owners who also wanted stylish dog collars for themselves. They now create a wide variety of suede floggers, masks, blindfolds, and my personal favorite: leather riding crops. Who could resist this sweet corset design?

sexy lingerie accessoriesDominate Me Corset Crop

sexy lingerie accessoriesSoft suede floggers

sexy lingerie accesoriesMadame Mystique Mask and Wrist Cuffs

What do you think of these sexy lingerie accessories? Would you buy or wear them? Would you be surprised to find them at your local lingerie retailer?

Featured image: Tyes by Tara Madame Tyecuffs

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