Carriwell Seamless GelWire Nursing Bra

Carriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra Review

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

There are plenty of challenges in breastfeeding, but a nursing bra shouldn't be one of them.

And bra brands continue to introduce innovative products to meet new mothers' nursing needs. Figure 8 Maternity offered to send me the Carriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra for review.  I asked Stephanie, a new mom in The Breast Life bra brigade of product testers, to try it out. She's been nursing for about a year, normally wears a 34B/C, and picked the size small.

seamless nursing braCarriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra arrives!

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The special features of the Carriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra start with the smooth, microfiber fabric that looks great under clothing. The second is the special soft GelWire flexible underwire, that meets the sensitivity and support needs of lactating breasts. Here's what Jennifer had to say about wearing the bra:

I really like this bra!  For me it is a good in between, very supportive, much more than a night/sleep nursing bra but not as rigid or structured as a typical nursing bra. It has quickly become my everyday bra. I LOVE that it came with a bra extender.

seamless nursing brasCarriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra
Image via Figure 8 Maternity

Like most nursing bras, the Carriwell GelWire also features one-handed nursing clips for easy breastfeeding access. It also expands up to two bra and cup sizes to allow for the ups and downs of nursing breasts. Jennifer found that:

Maybe if I had gotten a larger size I would feel that the statement is true.  Although the small fits me well, I do not feel that if it had been the first few months of nursing, when my large milk supply was much stronger and my breasts size fluctuated by the minute, that this bra would have expanded as much as I would have needed. But I found the GelWire very comfortable and I like the support it adds.

seamless nursing braCarriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra
Image via Figure 8 Maternity

The Carriwell GelWire Seamless Nursing Bra is available in black and white and in sizes S-XL. It retails for $49.95. What did Jennifer think of the price?

I do think that the bra is worth it.  I'm not sure I would pay more, not because of the bra itself but because I wouldn't pay more for any bra.

Think you might try this new nursing  bra? What special features would appeal to you most?

Image credit Figure 8 Maternity

**I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own or those of The Breast Life product tester.

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