post-surgical lingerie

Post-Surgery Lingerie with Added Glamour: Embody Paris

  |   By Estelle Puleston

One area of the industry that gets very little press is post-surgery lingerie. And yet there is some exciting and innovating stuff going on here. And one such brand to take note of is Embody Paris.

Embody Paris describes itself as “a fresh look at post-surgery lingerie.” In a sector known for its bland, utilitarian designs, they aim to give customers a more elegant option. The product range includes both post-op bra sets, and bodywear to heal in after liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries.

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post-surgery lingerie

Chic Bra and Brief

post-surgical lingerie

Pur Bra and Brief

I recently rounded up a collection of the most fashion-forward post-surgery bras. There wasn’t a whole lot of them! But of what I could find, Embody Paris stood out for a couple of reasons. The first one is its unique fastening.

Post-surgery bras pretty much always fasten at the front. You’ll have limited arm mobility after any invasive upper-chest procedure, so this makes them much easier to get on and off. Traditionally, this fastening has been a sporty zip, unglamorous Velcro, or fiddly hooks and eyes.

post-surgical lingerie

Chic Sport Bra and Brief

post-surgical lingerie


Embody Paris’ entire collection uses a patented closure system of magnetic snaps. And they’re cleverly disguised. On the bras, they look more like on-trend chunky strapping than they do a functional fastening. On the bodysuits, they’re subtly placed down one side. Here, they allow a secure fit without needing to roll a tight garment over some incision sites.

The other reason that Embody Paris caught my eye was its use of lace. Of all the ‘pretty’ post-surgery bras on my list, it was one of only three to use this classic lingerie fabric. And it’s not just any lace either. True to their ‘French glamour’ intentions, Embody Paris uses luxury Leavers lace from Calais. I especially love the swirly pattern on the back of the Glam bra.

post-surgical lingerie

Glam Bra and Brief

post-surgical lingerie

Luxe Bra and Brief

All of the garments are, first and foremost, medical products. They have been tested by plastic surgeons and their patients to be sure they work. But Embody Paris design everything so that you can – and will want to – continue wearing it after healing. There’s the sporty Pur bra that wouldn’t look out-of-place at your Pilates class. The lace-trimmed Luxe bra that will bring glamour and comfort to any day. And all the bras come with a matching brief option too.

You can wear all of the Embody Paris garments immediately after surgery. And they're suitable for those undergoing breast lifts, augmentation, reconstructions, and reductions. The design of the Body makes it ideal for surgeries and liposuction on the stomach area. And the Mid-Length and Full-Length Control Pants (with built-in cami) are made with liposuction on the stomach, hips, and legs in mind.

post-surgical lingerie

Mid-Length Control Pants

post-surgical lingerie

Full-Length Control Pants

These garments are all made from ultra-stretchy fabric. It makes them comfortable over post-op swelling, but still provides a firm, supportive fit once that has gone down. (The bras also feature side adjusters). In addition, the fabric is lightweight and breathable to promote scar healing. And it’s chlorine resistant too since some patients use chlorinated post-op scar treatments. Embody Paris may design for style, but they haven’t forgotten about function in the process.

Post-surgery lingerie prices run from 89€-198€, approximately $100-$220. The bras span 30-44 band sizes and B-DD cups. Other garments come in US sizes 2-18. (Not all styles are available in all sizes). The Chic and Glam ranges are available in ivory as well as the black pictured.

If you have had breast surgery, how did you find your post-surgery lingerie options? Would you have chosen something here if it had been available to you?

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