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Post-Mastectomy Clothing: Healing in Comfort & Style

  |   By Estelle Puleston

Post-mastectomy lingerie has been covered quite extensively on The Breast Life. But of course, after your surgery, you’ll need to wear more than just your underwear. And your regular clothes may not be up to the task. That's why we're featuring post-mastectomy clothing today.

After a mastectomy or reconstruction, you’ll most likely be going home with surgical drains attached to your body. That could mean potentially even five or more of them. And avoiding those tubes getting caught or pulled on will be essential.

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That’s where specially made, post-mastectomy clothing comes in handy. It’s typically made with inner pockets, to hold the drains and keep them hidden from public view. These designs also maximize ease of dressing. Remember that you’ll have limited arm movement immediately after your surgery. Some post-surgery garments have other helpful features too.

Investing in some post-mastectomy clothing before the surgery can help give you peace of mind. Investing in stylish post-mastectomy clothing can also help you to feel good while you’re recovering. Feeling beautiful is as important as feeling comfortable, after all.

Below are seven products and brands worth a look. And remember to check your insurance policy. Some insurers will cover the cost of specific ‘therapeutic garments’ for you.

The Brobe

post-mastectomy robe

Breast Cancer Recovery Robe
Available in sizes S-2XL
via The Brobe

The recovery ‘brobe’ is a bra-robe combination. The robe comes in three chic colors and has inner pockets to hold your fluid drains. Plus cropped sleeves for easy IV access if you’re still undergoing treatment. The bra has pockets for optional prostheses and an easy-to-use front Velcro fastening. However, it’s also detachable, so you’ve got the choice to do without it.

Heal With Style

post-mastectomy clothing

The Heal With Style Wrap Cardigan
Available in sizes S-XL
via Eileen and Eva

Heal With Style by Eileen and Eva is a clothing range for breast cancer patients, for treatment and beyond. Included in it are a variety of cardigans all with carefully thought-out features. For example, loose sleeves to accommodate lymphedema, easy-open sleeves for PICC line access, and hidden drain pockets.

It’s My Secret Jacket

post-mastectomy clothing

Post-Mastectomy Surgical Drain Jacket by It’s My Secret
Available in sizes S-3XL
via Etsy

This zip-up hoodie offers a sportier alternative to robes and cardigans. It’s available in black, white, and long or short sleeve options. Each one can hold up to 8 drains. Plus, a portion of proceeds from each sale gets donated to cancer research.

Cocoon Styles

post-mastectomy clothing

Post-Mastectomy Shirt by Cocoon Styles
Available in sizes S-XL
via Etsy

Cocoon Styles offers two types of post-mastectomy tops that are ideal for warmer weather. One is a step-in camisole, and the other is a Velcro-fastening wrap. Both have hidden drain pockets, and cup pockets suitable for holding a lightweight breast form. Various colors and prints are available.


post-mastectomy robe

Miena Robe With Drain Management Belt
One Size
via AnaOno

Elisabeth has previously written about AnaOno’s recovery wear. Currently, the range includes a pocketed, lace-back cami and the robe above. This robe, made of soft modal fabric, can be purchased alone or with a hidden, removable belt to hold your drains.


post-surgery shirt

The Lindsey Post-Surgery Short Sleeve Top
Available in sizes XS-3XL
via Reboundwear

Reboundwear makes adaptive, athletic-style clothing for people struggling with reduced mobility following surgery. Their clothes are designed to be easy to get on and off. For instance, short and long-sleeved women’s jackets have multiple zippers. These allow easy access to the arm, neck, and torso without undressing. They also come with inner pockets for ports and drains.


post-surgery shirt

Drapery Top
Available in sizes S-XL
via Amoena

Are you looking for things to wear once you are through healing? Post-mastectomy brand Amoena’s clothing range includes a variety of sleeveless tops with integrated, pocketed cups. Most are ‘everyday basic’ or a little sporty in style. However, check out the Embroidery Top if you need a special occasion option!

Do you know of any other post-mastectomy clothing brands? Leave a comment below to add them to the list.

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