Pretty Plus Size Loungewear at Every Price Point

  |   By Holly Jackson

I’m one of those people who always gets dressed up to leave the house, but also never wears their cute clothes at home. Since I work from home, I’ve gotten comfortable with the pajama and loungewear lifestyle that comes with never having to go to an office.

The flip side of this is that in New Orleans, you’re never really completely alone. Houses have narrow alleyways between them and lots of windows. Sounds carry, and you can see in everyone’s windows. So it’s not hard to see and hear what people are doing most of the time. As much as I like pretty lingerie, I’ve been buying a lot more plus size loungewear lately. I can work in it, sleep in it and take the dog out at 3 am in it and not worry if someone sees me.

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Luckily, there are now tons of fabulous plus size loungewear options out there. I’ve made a list of my favorites and sorted them by budget category. Because some people feel passionate about loungewear and others want something cute and cheap.

Budget Loungewear:


Yandy is one of the largest budget lingerie websites alone and has a huge plus size collection. Not only do they make their own pieces, but they carry almost every offering from the larger budget lingerie brands. If you can’t find it at Yandy, I’m reasonably sure it doesn’t exist. Their stuff is cheap, trendy and perfect for trying out some summer loungewear trends.

plus size loungewear

Plus Size Soft Jersey Lounge Jumpsuit
Available in 2 Colors and Sizes 1X/2X to 3X/4X
via Yandy

Hips & Curves:

Hips & Curves was a pioneer early on in the plus size lingerie world and still carries a fantastic selection of items. I’m a fan of their house line, but they also tend to curate offerings from other budget brands pretty well. Their styles range from Victorian-inspired pieces to oversized nightshirts, so there are tons of options for everyone.

plus size loungewear

Edwardian Cotton & Lace Camisole
Available in Sizes Large - 6X
via Hips & Curves


The ASOS Curve has taken off and has put out some great things, which tend to be trendy and budget-friendly. They have several offerings that are dressed up sweatpants and shirts right now, which is perfect for people like me who want to seem socially acceptable but still not get dressed.

plus size loungewear

Raw Edge Off Shoulder Sweat and Jogger Set
Available in Sizes US 12 - 26
via ASOS CURVE Lounge


Torrid pieces sell out fast but also restock often, so it’s easy to find stuff that you like. They also have great online sales, so make sure to check out whatever discount they are running. Their quality tends to be higher than the other budget lingerie brands, so this is a great place to pick up something you want to keep for a few years.

plus size loungewear
Black Lace Trim Sleep Romper
Available in Sizes Large to 6X
via Torrid


I have never been a huge Target fan, but their loungewear and intimates collections have been incredible this year. Their selections seem kind of random, so the best way to find things is to visit a store and dig through stuff. I have three incredible pajama sets from them now that I love.

plus size lougewear

Gilligan & O'Malley Plus Size Mid Weight Robe
Available in Sizes 1X - 3X
via Target
plus size loungewear
JoyLab Cozy Fleece Poncho
Available in Sizes 1X/2X - 3X/4X
via Target


Tuesday Bassen:

Tuesday is a fantastic artist and illustrator who went into garments several years ago and has gained a legion of fans as a result. She’s recently released an adorable t-shirt and underwear collection that is trendy and goes up to a 5x.

plus size loungewear

Cinnamon Piped Tee 
Available in Sizes XS - 5XL
via Tuesday Bassen


Bravissimo is a great place for basics like tanks and t-shirts with built-in sleep bras. They were offering items with built-in support long before anyone else, so they know what they're doing. And they’ve also got a few fashion-forward pajama sets this year that are cute.

plus size loungewear

PJ Short Sleeve Shirt
Available in Sizes 04 - 14 (Curvy to Super Curvy)
via Bravissimo

Playful Promises:

Playful Promises tends to specialize in sexy, but their Francois set is worth the money and provides reasonably good coverage. The Devore velvet is luscious, and it perfectly channels 1920’s elegance.

plus size loungewear

Francois Black Deco Devore Robe
Available in Sizes UK18/US14 - UK24/US20
via Playful Promises



There are lots of plus size brands out there, but none look like Premme. It’s great to see this blogger designed brand tripling down on trendy pieces that are elevated and adapted for plus sizes and going bolder. While they don’t have a loungewear section, they’re stocking several items that would make great statement outfits and feel incredibly comfortable.

plus size loungewear

Pearl Sweat Shorts
Available in Sizes 0 - 6
via Premme

plus size loungewear

Jazz Track Pants
Available in Sizes 0 - 6
via Premme


It’s hard to categorize Nordstrom, as they carry a wide range of loungewear at a pretty wide variety of prices. However, they do have more luxurious items that you won't find anywhere else. And they have curated a great group of pieces from other brands. I’m currently in love with this Natori caftan that could work anywhere from the pool to a nice dinner out.

plus size loungewearNatori Bali Satin Caftan
Available in Sizes 1X - 2X
via Nordstrom

Universal Standard:

I’ll admit my bias here upfront: I’ve bought two loungewear kits from Universal Standard and love them both. Their Pima cotton is luscious, they wash, and dry well, and mix and match with real clothing to provide many outfit possibilities. I wear my Seft Cardi with everything, from beautiful dresses to jeans.

plus size loungewear

Dolci Top, Mola Pants, Seft Cardi
Available in Sizes XS (10-12) to XL (26-28)
via Universal Standard

What do you think of these plus size loungewear fashions? Would you wear them?

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