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No More Wardrobe Malfunctions --- Best Full Bust Clothing Brands, Part I

  |   By Holly Jackson

My last column covered some mainstream curve friendly options. Today I tackle territory less well-known: clothing retailers that offer only full bust clothing.

If you’ve never heard of them, that’s because there are only a few based in the US. Full bust clothing options have grown in countries like Poland where full bust bra options have become increasingly popular. They've also existed alongside businesses like Bravissimo in the UK since 2011. Today I’m offering a quick guide to this magical land of clothing that fits both your bust and waist, along with advice on how to get started exploring all of these brands.

Since there are too many brands to include in one post, I've split the list into two helpful articles. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for the rest of my recommendations!

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Pepperberry is the original full bust clothing line, which grew out of the justifiably famous Bravissimo bra line. Bravissimo eventually expanded into clothing and then rebranded their full bust clothing division as Pepperberry.

Sizing: Clothes are sized by body and curve size, going from 8 to 18 and from Curvy to Super Curvy.

Style: I always think of Pepperberry as a sort of British version of Anne Taylor. Clothes lean towards the professional side (and occasionally the mature side), but they also produce some knockout casual dresses that seem to work for everyone. Their holiday offerings are particularly beautiful.

Start With: While the dresses at Pepperberry are nice, it’s reasonably easy to find a nice fitting dress closer to home. If you have an office job, the real gems are their work wear staples and coats. How many places can you find a professional looking biker jacket that fits your chest?

full bust clothing

Heritage Check Jacket

full bust clothing

Ponte Biker Jacket

full bust clothing

Metallic Tweed Dress

full bust clothing

Gold Lurex Coco Maxi Dress

Campbell & Kate:

Campbell & Kate is devoted to solving one of the largest issues that full bust ladies have: the dreaded button gap. Darlene developed her shirts after her years as a lawyer, as she saw many women struggle to look and feel professional in ill-fitting classic white shirts. Her shirts are designed to fit your bust and your waist, all while looking perfectly proper and accentuating your curves.

Sizing: 2M to 16M, with more sizes on the way.

Style: Professional, tailored and confident.

Start With: While the white button up shirt is, of course, an office staple, I love their French Blue version as an unexpected twist on the original.

full bust clothing

Campbell & Kate Signature Shirt

Bolero Beachwear:

Bolero Beachwear specializes in easy care yet flattering dresses for busty women. While this is a difficult enough task, Bolero Beachwear has gone one step further and devoted itself to producing their garments entirely in the US. It makes the company unique within the US, where full bust speciality companies have yet to take hold.

Sizing: XS through 1X, all cut for curves.

Style: Sophisticated Florida beach style, with some retro flair. Dresses look like new after being washed and worn multiple times and come in almost every silhouette and color combination available. Dresses are fully lined; the bust area reinforced, and drawstring ties are added so you can pick the level of cleavage you want to show. These dresses are also great for travel since they don’t wrinkle when folded.

Start With: Their wrap dress takes all the awkwardness and worries out of this fashion staple. If you like more retro options, their Carmen dress has a great 1950’s beach vibe to it.

full bust clothing

The Carmen Dress

full bust clothing

Pull On Wrap Dress

full bust clothing

Sleeveless Maxi Dress

DD Atelier:

DD Atelier is based in Russia, although they’ve gained hordes of fans in the US since they’ve opened. They currently produce one of the widest ranges of full bust clothing, including everything from cocktail dresses to cardigans. Styles are beautifully cut and of high quality, but do tend to sell out quickly as a result.

Sizing: US 4 to 12, with curvy sizes D, F, and H offered.

Style: Flattering basics with a heavy dose of Euro chic. This line offers a broad range of staples that are hard to find other places, from denim jackets to a variety of work friendly dresses.

Start With: Their range of jackets sets them apart, but many bloggers rave about their maxi dresses.

full bust clothing

Dark Blue Denim Jacket

full bust clothing

Sleeveless Wool Blazer

Full Bust Clothing

Elegant Emerald Dress

Tomorrow's post features even more brands plus tips and resources for buying from international websites.

Have you tried any of these clothing companies? Which looks the best to you?

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