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10 Lingerie Brands to Shop on National Handmade Day

  |   By Estelle Puleston

April 7th is National Handmade Day. It's a day to celebrate and recognize all the unique talent out there in the world. What better time to treat yourself to some handmade lingerie?

Handmade lingerie is often far more exciting and unique than anything you’ll find in a department store. But it’s not just about fashion---it’s the more ethical option too. By buying from independent designers, you ensure that the person sewing your underthings gets paid a fair wage. And in the lingerie world, where the vast majority of indie designers are women, you’re supporting female-owned businesses too. It’s a win-win-win, right?

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Today I’m sharing ten independent lingerie brands to shop on National Handmade Day---or any day for that matter. Rather than going for the best-known, I’ve focussed on smaller or newer brands that you may not know. I hope that you’ll discover at least one new lingerie brand to love!

10 Handmade Lingerie Brands

national handmade day

Nougat Bralette & High-Waisted Knickers by ColieCo
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Etsy

ColieCo is a one-woman operation run by Nicole Neaber and based out of Portugal. It’s most notable for its use of eye-catching prints. Almost everything you see in the store can be made in a variety of fabrics, including ColieCo exclusives.

National Handmade Day

See-Through Bra & Brief Set by Allechanto
Available in sizes S-XL
via Etsy

Allechanto is a Russian lingerie brand owned by Anastacia Zueva, with an aesthetic that’s all about elegance. The designer has a penchant for eye-catching and beautifully-detailed laces and embroideries. She puts them to good use creating strapless bras, gorgeous matching briefs and lots of floaty nightwear.

National Handmade Day

Roch Lichen Curvy Silk Bra & Open Back Knickers
Available in sizes 28F-42GG and US 4-18
via MariLupa

MariLupa is the decadently luxurious brainchild of Rachel Kenyon. She's also the designer behind cult British lingerie label Buttress & Snatch. Like her original brand, MariLupa offers an unusually expansive size range. Bras run all the way from an AA to an H cup!

National Handmade Day

The Persephone Bodysuit
Available in sizes XS-XL
via My Elenoula

Created by Eleni Kapetaneas, My Elenoula is a Canadian-based lingerie brand that launched in 2016. The designer makes use of natural and organic fabrics to create lingerie that looks decidedly chic, cute and comfy.

National Handmade Day

Silk Frills Cami & Shorts Set
Available in sizes XS-M
via ZO Lingerie

Founded by Zofiia Koltun in Ukraine, ZO Lingerie is all about creating delicate and luxurious items. The designer carefully picks out the finest European fabrics and trims. There’s a strong emphasis on lacy crop tops, making this a brand well worth checking out if you love the lingerie-as-outerwear trend.

National Handmade Day

Chaos Foam Bra & High-Waist Brief
Available in sizes 1-5 (bra) and 1-6 (brief)
via Sofía Luzón

The eponymously-titled Spanish lingerie label Sofía Luzón is a recent launch. She debuted with a range of darkly romantic pieces, crafted from black silk and lace. Not one to sit on her heels, Luzón is already working on her second collection, Ostara. All in icy white, definitely take a look if you’re in the market for some luxury bridal lingerie.

National Handmade Day

Moon and Star Embroidery Bralette & High-Waisted Brief by Jardin Fantôme
Available in sizes 30-36 AA-C and XS-L
via Etsy

Jardin Fantôme is one for the lovers of arty embroidery. Founded by Laurèva Aussant, it’s a French brand that’s mostly focussed on lingerie. From bralettes to camisoles, each piece features beautiful embroidery with graphic, outline-style motifs.

National Handmade Day

Amarinthia Velvet Gown
Available in sizes XXS-2XL
via Ulalume Lingerie

One look at this stunning gown should tell you exactly why Ulalume Lingerie is a brand to know. And I think it’s very reasonably priced for the amount of velvet too. This handmade lingerie brand is based in the US and run by Evelyn DeVere. Her inspiration comes from vintage detailing but gives her pieces a relaxed and modern touch.

National Handmade Day

Sky Blue Silk Lingerie Set
Available in sizes 30A-38D or made-to-measure
via Moondust Intimates

Moondust Intimates is the creation of UK-based designer Gill Wan. The brand focusses exclusively on soft bralettes and coordinating bottoms. Prices are unusually low for being a handmade brand, with sets from around $50.

National Handmade Day

Chiffon Romper by Garden of Delight
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Etsy

Garden of Delight was founded in Ukraine by designer Christina Kosyaneko. She uses delicate laces, satins, and printed chiffons. Her pieces have a relaxed, easy-going kind of chic about them, with plenty of fluted tap pants and soft bralettes.


This list is but a tiny glimpse into the world of handmade lingerie. There are quite literally hundreds of other indie lingerie brands out there creating beautiful things. Any particular favorites you’d add to this list?

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