Knicker Luxe: Never Boring, Luxury Cotton Basics

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Knicker Luxe is an Australian brand I stumbled upon at one of the semi-annual intimate apparel tradeshows.

It was easy to talk to Sophie Higgins, Knicker Luxe co-founder, and Brand Director. It wasn't just her great sense of humor and adorable accent that reeled me into the booth. Her infectious passion for the business of knickers made me stay and check out the line.

I was impressed with the array of styles, range of sizes, and the quality of the product when looking through the collection. Knicker Luxe recently sent me a set to try. After wearing the Pima Tee and Coco knickers, I can attest to their comfort and durability. (I could easily sleep in tee but found the lightweight fabric perfect for LA's more muggy days.) There's something refreshing about wearing stylish cotton knickers!

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Here's my interview with Sophie:

How long have you been in business?

I co-founded and launched Knicker Luxe in early 2014 after having worked for a number of years in retail and underwear - mostly for the mass market. Knicker Luxe was really an instinctive response to something that I felt was missing in the market.

What makes Knicker Luxe different or unique in today's intimate apparel market? What niche are you trying to fill?

From the very beginning, I was certain that I didn’t want to create just another underwear brand. I wanted to build a brand that was inclusive and inspirational and that demonstrated my genuine belief that the best version of ourselves is when we own and honour our true self---whoever she is. Knicker Luxe is, and always has been, a brand to nurture and celebrate women.

For us, in the product space, this translates to luxury everyday underwear using our signature Pima cotton fabric. We know as women, that we tend to gravitate towards natural fibres. Cotton is comfortable, it breathes, it’s easy to wear – but it also has a reputation for being basic and boring! So we’re challenging some of those assumptions while revamping what cotton can be and our knickers are designed to flatter across age, style and size.

And in the brand space, this means authenticity, a new conversation and a new representation of women – one that’s more creative and reflective and I guess more personal. We’re all women and we all want great knickers and we all deserve to feel great in and about ourselves. It’s as simple as that and so we’re committed to being dynamic around these ideals.

What's been your greatest business challenge?

It’s an interesting time to be establishing a new brand because for so long the sector has been monopolised by the big, traditional labels and we’re now seeing a growing demand for niche brands. Establishing Knicker Luxe amid these changes, trying to bring a new perspective and conversation to the front is a challenge, but it’s one that invigorates us because there are so many exciting possibilities that come with it.

Is there anything you find frustrating about the lingerie business, something consumers should know?

It can be frustrating at times in the design process to source a unique and in our case luxurious lace because of the smaller quantities we produce. It takes a lot of work to create knickers that stand apart. Having said that, it’s also what makes achieving the final product so rewarding for us!

Where do you want Knicker Luxe to be in the next ten years?

The buzz for me has always been seeing women engaging with the brand and so I hope in 10 years’ time we’re still seeing that happen, just on a much bigger scale. I hope that we’ll be recognised as a relevant, innovative and leading brand and a proven game changer that continues to disrupt the status quo.

What do you want customers to know about your brand?

That Knicker Luxe isn’t just a product to us---it’s a space where, as women, we can come together to celebrate our differences and share all those things we have in common. We value individuality and that sense of personal liberation that comes from embracing all the things that make us unique. And it’s also about remembering that despite the many different roles we women have, every once in a while it’s important to put ourselves first and nurture the woman within. And what better way to do this than by putting something beautiful against our skin. Our knickers don’t try and dress you up or down to be something you aren’t; they’re effortless and luxe and so seriously comfortable that they just let you be you.


Valentina Camisole w/Etta Boyshort

Knicker Luxe

Camisole w/Evie Grey Marie Knickers

Knicker Luxe

Pima Tee w/Coco Midnight Knickers

Knicke Luxe

Camisole w/Sophia Midnight Knickers

Knicker Luxe

Pima Tee w/Minnie Thong

Knicker Lux

Bralette w/Lulu Hipster in Licorice

Knicker Luxe

Camisole w/Coco Champagne Knickers

Knicker Luxe

Camisole w/Jessa Champagne Knicker


Camisole w/Ziggy Licorice Knicker

Knicker Luxe

Tee w/Etta Dusk Boyshort


Here's a quick recap of Knicker Luxe:

Styles: Everyday luxury cotton knickers, bralettes, tees and camisoles that aren’t basic or boring!

Price Range: US $25-$55

Sizing: XS - XXXXL

Where to buy: and select boutiques across North America and Canada. Please contact them directly through the website for stockist details.


What do you think of Knicker Luxe? Would you try them? Any pieces you like best?

Full disclosure: I received a gift of Knicker Luxe for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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