Get Breast Pumping Bra Smart

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Strapping a breast pump to my chest wasn’t the easiest or most comfortable thing I did as a new mom.

I remember cringing at the sight of my nipples, stretched out under the force of the noisy, funneled contraption. While today’s high tech electric pumps are faster and more efficient (mechanically similar to commercial dairy farm milking machines), they can’t take your mind off the awkwardness of the task. No surprise actress and writer Tina Fey chose to escape this less-than-pleasant chore by watching episodes of HBO's Entourage. Fictionalized sex, drugs, and Hollywood scandals would have been a pleasant distraction from my self-consciousness and embarrassment. Bottom line: pumping made me feel like a dumb cow, not a smart mama.

To lighten up your pumping load, check out the PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Support. It's a breast pumping bra that holds your pump in place so you’re free to do more with your time than watch your milk supply. It earned the Breast Life Seal of Approval for its variety of clever features, as one Breast Life product tester discovered. Here’s what "newmama" had to say about PumpEase:

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The PumpEase bra is a top-notch solution for hands free breast pumping and I'm delighted to have found it. I immediately noticed the smooth fabric (leopard print!) and was also surprised how cool and breathable it was to wear over my nursing bra, even on a warm day.

A girlfriend had told me not to buy a pumping bra and that I could simply cut holes in a sports bra... but she could not be more wrong. The PumpEase is far superior. First of all, the hooks in the front closure adjust for 3 widths, which is great for times when your supply goes up and down.

Since the PumpEase is one wide band, there aren't any straps to dig into your skin. You can easily take it off or put it on without dealing with shoulder straps or messing up your hair.

It has firm, but gentle support that holds the breast pump horns in place without assistance or extra fuss. Hands free pumping has never been so comfortable or stylish.

Best of all, I totally forgot I was wearing it. Can you say multitasking mama?

Bonus: it doesn't look like a typical bra when it's not being worn. So if a coworker glimpses it stowed away in your gear, it just looks like cute fabric.

The PumpEase is available in 8 different styles, fitting sizes from 32AA to 48H.  Bonus to readers of The Breast Life blog: you’ll receive a special 15% discount on any PumpEase order when you enter coupon code BREASTLIFE15.  Why wait around? Get breast pumping bra smart today!

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