Gaga About Going Braless

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Ever considered not wearing a bra?

Lady GagaLindsay Lohan, and even teen star Miley Cyrus, were all recently in the news because they choose to go out without one. The style police consider it a fashion faux pas, or just plain sloppy. Not me. I'm jealous of those who don't require boob support. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been able to experience such freedom. Most of my breast life has been spent dressing around bust constraints. Bra burning was popularized in my youth, but I wasn't liberated. Large bosoms prevented me from wearing any trendy backless, strapless, and camisole styles. My clothing choices were, and still are, limited. And I'm not the only woman who feels tethered to her bra. Surveys show that 80% of us wouldn't leave our homes without one.

It's not just a smaller size and shape that makes the braless choice possible. It's also feeling secure in knowing that you'll stay in one place, underneath it all. I may not have to worry about paparazzi capturing my nip slips, but I still want to maintain a degree of breast discretion. One product on the market that gives me that security when I choose to go braless is Bring It Up Breast Shapers. The pair of reusable, non-adhesive thin silicone covers fit neatly over my nips and the stretch design provides lift where needed. They're great under revealing summer tops, dresses, and spaghetti-strapped tanks. I've even tried them with lightweight yoga gear, where bounce isn't a issue but stability is all important. Priced under $35 a pair, you can choose from four colors in sizes A/B to C/D. While they may not be a solution for everyone, they do expand the breast possibilities.

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