Everviolet Finds Beauty in Change: Post Surgical and Mastectomy Lingerie & Loungewear

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Today I'm introducing readers to a new post-surgery and recovery lingerie and loungewear brand.

Everviolet is a new intimate apparel line that caters to a demographic that is continually underserved. Estimates show that over 350,000 women received a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2017. But it's not only medical patients who need more post-surgical options. That same year, more than 450,000 women underwent cosmetic breast surgeries, like lifts, reductions, and breast augmentations. And I can count on one hand the notable brands focused on this niche market. So there's plenty of room for greater innovation and more styles for consumers who find traditional bras uncomfortable or impossible to wear after reconstruction or with a breast form.

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Everviolet isn't even a year old but has big dreams. Their founder, Keira Kotler, is a former breast cancer patient and knows what women in this situation need. Her goal is to use sustainable and natural fabrics that help with the healing process but don't harm the environment. Everviolet has an even bigger vision: to provide women who have gone through any physical "change," whether due to aging, accident, or some other medical issue, with beautiful and supportive undergarments. It's heartening to see companies pay attention to how women's bodies transform over time because it's hard to relate to the perfect young bodies I see in mainstream lingerie advertising.

The current Everviolet collection includes bras, panties, camisoles, and lounging kimonos. Their pretty lace panties also come in two styles, to mix and match with other pieces. Plus, all of the women in their images are either current patients or survivors. So you can see exactly how well they fit and flatter bodies.

You can learn more about Everviolet in my interview and take a look at their debut line, below.

Everviolet Interview

How long has the brand been in business and what was the impetus for launch:

Everviolet launched in October 2018 in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It was conceived by Keira Kotler, a San Francisco-based visual artist and marketing professional who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. Following surgery, she was shocked to discover one of her greatest challenges was finding comfortable and beautiful garments to wear throughout the healing process. After six months and over 200 bras, she began talking with other survivors about their shopping experiences and discovered she was not alone. Everviolet is her pay-her-good-prognosis forward mission to support other women.


Vela Bra 
Lace Wireless Bra with Pockets
Available in Sizes XS-XL

What makes Everviolet different or unique in the lingerie or intimate apparel market? What’s the lingerie niche you are trying to fill?

We are providing garments for all stages of healing from surgery and treatment. We are also creating garments for a wide range of body changes brought about by illness, accident, aging, and other transformations. Everviolet garments are made with sustainable, natural fabrics---to support healing, healthy living, and the environment.


Maia Postoperative Bra
Available in Sizes XS-XL

Who do you see as your ideal customer?

Women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer, ages 25 to 65. Post-operative cosmetic surgery patients. Chemotherapy and radiation patients.


What’s been your greatest business challenge in establishing your brand (other than raising funds to launch)?

Having not come from the apparel business, I would say that my greatest challenge was in learning all of the nuances of production and garment construction. Creating pieces that are gentle on the body, cut in specific ways to avoid various risk factors associated with breast cancer and simply creating lingerie, in general, is quite technical. But thankfully, with a brilliant team of technical designers, pattern makers, production experts, and sewers, we were able to overcome these challenges.


Maia Camisole
Available in Sizes XS-XL

Is there anything you find frustrating about the lingerie industry of which consumers have no clue?

It can be difficult to appreciate how much cost, time and effort goes into each piece of clothing. Everviolet garments are hand-sewn in a factory in LA, and every detail requires focus. With a brand mission around sustainability and keeping our carbon footprint down, we pay more for the high-quality fabrics we use and the garments we create. We do so in order to keep waste out of landfills and provide lingerie that will endure for a long time. We feel these values are important and consistent with a brand focused on wellness and environmental responsibility.


Calla Kimono
Available in Sizes XS/S - M/L

Where do you want the brand to be in the next ten years?

Everviolet will be the first lifestyle brand of its kind to address a wide range of body changes associated with illness, aging and other life transformation.


Astrid Bralette with Lace
Available in Sizes  XS-XL

What is the one thing you want customers to know about the brand?

Everviolet was founded on the belief that true beauty shines from the inside out. We are a community of compassionate and empowered women with a focus on health, wellness and living life to the fullest. Our goal is to help women feel confident and feminine following breast cancer and other body changes. Our mantra is: BEAUTY OF CHANGE™.


Vela Bra with Vela Brazilian
Available in Sizes XS-XL


Everviolet Quick Brand Recap:

Styles: Bras, panties, camisoles, and loungewear for all stages of healing from breast cancer; Postoperative, Recovery and Beyond.

Bra Price Range:  US $30 to $120.

Sizing: XS to XL, with larger sizes coming soon!

Where to buy: Direct from the website –


What do you think of Everviolet? Are there other post-surgical or mastectomy designs you'd like to see them offer?

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