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Elppin Nipple Jewelry: Armor and Adornment

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Boob jewelry isn't anything new, but Elppin is different. Elppin ("nipple" spelled backward) is a unique magnetic boob brooch, unlike anything I've seen before. Which is why I had to interview the woman behind the concept and design, Carina Hardy.


Elppin Instagram

There's something both outrageous and empowering in wearing a piece of jewelry centered on the breast. But it doesn't feel like I'm making some radical statement. Instead, it's the ultimate #freethenipple, especially for anyone who chooses not to go braless or topfree. Wearing one alone, and not in pairs, says it all because it aligns with my curves. The piece is both armor and adornment.

A Barnard graduate, Carina Hardy is only 22 years old. Her parents live in Bali, and she bounces back between New York and the tropical island. Carina studied design in London and had exposure to metalwork. And this is where she came up with the idea for Elppin in the Spring of 2017. Each piece of jewelry is handmade by Balinese artisans (both men and women).


Easy-to-wear magnetic clasp

Why a nipple pin? Carina's passion for all things boob related began when she first created an inflatable sculpture "Back to the Breast." to explore the female form. But male engineers kept trying to create a "perfect" nipple. This experience got Carina thinking about how we view the breast, and especially the nipple. They don't all come in the same size, shape, or color.



Back to the Breast
via Carina Hardy

Carina has always been in awe of the female body and its power to create and sustain life. She's been a doula since she was 15 years old, and has assisted in 11 live births. Carina speaks both Indonesian and English, allowing her to translate for others. Most of all, she gives back to the community through this project. Not only does she employ local artists to make Elppin jewelry (including earrings and necklaces), her company also donates 10% of all proceeds to Planned Parenthood. And each piece is a one-of-a-kind, just like nipples.


Carina Hardy in Elppin Jewelry
via Instagram

The Elppin brooch is handmade of brass (available in two sizes) but will soon be launching in silver and gold. Check out the website, where you'll find a selection of nipple themed earrings and necklaces, in addition to pins. With the holidays right around the corner, it's a special and unique piece to give to any woman in your life.


Triple Nipple Drop Earring


Nipple Studs

What do you think of Elppin jewelry? Would you wear the pin or other pieces? Why or why not?


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