Dita Von Teese Lingerie at Bloomingdale's

  |   By Laurie Shapiro

Burlesque star extraordinaire Dita Von Teese has been wowing audiences for over two decades. Proving her talent has no bounds, Dita is now wowing us not only with her eternal youthfulness but her keen business acumen as well, launching a line of vintage-inspired lingerie.

For the last two years Dita has translated her dual loves of vintage lingerie and the striptease into establishing a lingerie line that embraces her coveted style. Each year's collection is stronger than the last, with the most recent line being released at exclusive Bloomingdale's locations in the U.S.

The Bloomingdale’s launch collection includes a range of chic lingerie stories, including the feminine Parisienne range, the leopard print pieces in the Tulip story and the daring Madame X range. "Her collection of glamorous retro-inspired underpinnings is sure to make all women feel like a Hollywood starlet on any given day.”

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Dita at Bloomingdales
 Dita Von Teese at the May 17th Bloomingdale's Launch in Los Angeles
Image Credit: Todd Williamson

Dita Von Teese said, “I am honored to have my lingerie debut in America at Bloomingdale’s, an iconic department store that represents style and sophistication. I’ve taken inspiration from my own vintage collection to create beautiful lingerie that captures the spirit of retro glamour, while being accessible and functional for moments of every day beauty and luxury."

These upscale lingerie lines were inspired by Dita's personal vintage lingerie collection, and embody a modern reincarnation of 1950s elegance. Utilizing period details such as overwires and quilted channel stitching, these pieces are retro-inspired yet thoroughly modern. Dita has mentioned her love of contrasting satin and lace to create smooth bras that create fantastic cleavage. Wide set straps leave the front of the chest "very bare, which is very, very sexy."

Dita OverwireDita Von Teese Her Sexcellency Overwire Bra
Image via Bloomingdales
rsz_dita_von_teese_lingerie_her_sexellency_red_high_resDita Von Teese Models Her Sexcellency Range

The popular Madame X range features a unique "cross-your-heart" design, with straps forming an X across the breasts. Sturdy satin cups provide support and a vintage silhouette without wires. The matching high-waist panty mirrors this "X marks the spot" with strapping detail criss-crossing the front of the panty. An innovative, and thoroughly sexy, strap belts the waist and attaches to the panty with delicate rings.

Dita Madame X BraDita Von Teese Madame X Bra
Image via Bloomingdales
Dita Von Teese Madame X Dita Von Teese Models Her Madame X Range

The Madame X range also includes a dramatic "corset," which is really more of a basque or corselette, providing subtler shaping and ease of wear than a corset. Lastly, the Madame X style is offered in a slip which is so incredibly empowering and sexy you'll be tempted to wear it out in the world as a dress.

Dita CorsetDita Von Teese Madame X "Corset"
Image via Bloomingdales
 Dita Von Teese Models Her Madame X Slip

The leopard print Tulip set features a three-part scalloped bra with a shape reminiscent of the flower it's named after. Scalloped eyelash lace adds even more glamour to this sex-kitten look.

Dita Von Teese lingerie tulip cheetah lookbook high resDita Von Teese Models Her Tulip Collection

Other stand-out pieces from the line include these from the Man Catcher collection which feature plunging molded bras with lace overlays and matching garter belts and panties.

rsz_dita_von_teese_lingerie_man_catcher_high_resDita Von Teese Models Her Man Catcher Collection

rsz_1rsz_dita_von_teese_lingerie_man_catcher_vintage_pink_high_resDita Von Teese Models Her Man Catcher Collection

Photo Credits: Penny Lane

What do you think of Dita's newest lingerie line? Would you try any of these styles? Do you have a favorite style from the collection?

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