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Fit to Your Bust: Curve Friendly Fashion Stores

  |   By Holly Jackson

Ever felt awkward in a department store changing room as a dress slid over your hips and then got stuck on your chest? Sick of buying belts in every color combination to cinch a too-big dress that only fits your boobs? Tired of a trying on clothes where the waist seam cuts your chest in half?

Congratulations! If any of these situations sound familiar, then you’re probably a full busted woman who has discovered the circle of hell that is shopping for clothes at mainstream retailers.

While Poland and the UK are full of retailers designing pieces for full bust women, today we’re going to look at some more mainstream brands that are easier to access in the US. Designers who cater to full busted shoppers are great, but sometimes you just want to be able to shop like a person who is meant to fit into department store clothes. Today I’ll spotlight four online clothing stores that offer superb options for those of us with serious curves.

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The Designer Option: Saint Bustier

Saint Bustier is like walking into a Nordstrom or a Neiman Marcus store with a personal shopper. This UK-based site sorts through high-end designer options to find the best contemporary pieces for full busted women. Each piece is marked with cup size recommendations, which go all the way up to a K cup in US sizing! While Saint Bustier offers lots of classic full bust friendly pieces like wrap dresses, they also source things like figure flattering classic trench coats and suit jackets. If you want to indulge your inner designer fashionista without all the hassle, Saint Bustier is where to start.

curve friendly

Black Tempest De Corps Jacket
via Saint Bustier
 curve friendly
Gramercy Jacket
via Saint Bustier

Vintage Reproduction for all Lifestyles: Trashy Diva 

Trashy Diva began in a tiny store selling vintage clothing in New Orleans’ French Quarter over a decade ago. It has subsequently grown into a vintage inspired empire. Clothes are cut with classic 1940’s and 1950’s silhouettes (eras when curves were all the rage) and boost fantastic attention to detail along with high-quality materials. While this brand may seem old-fashioned and hard to incorporate into a non-vintage lover’s wardrobe, Trashy Diva has proven that it works for modern and vintage personalities alike. Celebrity superfans of the brand include Taylor Swift, Katy Perry,  Kristen Schaal, and Zooey Deschanel.

curve friendly fashions

Trashy Diva Liz Dress
via Trashy Diva
curve friendly fashions
Trashy Diva Bianca Dress
via Trashy Diva
Holly-40s Dress
Holly Jackson in Trashy Diva dress

Bold Pinup Fashion for Curvy Ladies: Pinup Girl Clothing 

If Jessica Rabbit were a person, she’d shop at Pinup Girl Clothing. This boutique is a full on color explosion of feminist goodness. The company boasts several features that make them stand out in the boutique market. Female designers create all the pieces for a full-size range of women, and all manufacturing is done completely in the USA.

This boutique has grown at a breakneck pace, thanks to almost all items having a size range of XS to 4X. While it’s easy to be intimidated by the cleavage enhancing wiggle dresses displayed on the site the boutique also stocks excellent vintage-inspired office wear, like full skirts and curve-friendly sweaters.

curve friendly fashions

Laura Byrnes California Little Jun Jacket
via Pinup Girl Clothing
curve friendly fashions
Monica Dress in Red Jersey Knit
via Pinup Girl Clothing

Affordable Custom Made Dresses: eShakti

Eshakti has so many options that it may feel overwhelming! The site carries a huge range of dresses, separates and coats - all of which are fully customizable to your fashion preferences and measurements. For a tiny custom fee of $7.50, you can have a piece of clothing made that will fit you like a glove. You can also change the look of a dress to suit your needs, from the neckline to the length. This site features both contemporary and retro options, as well as things like pants that you just can’t find anywhere else if you’re curvy. Don’t overlook their coats - I’ve personally bought two and worn them to death.


Stretch Crepe Trench Coat
via eShakti

curve friendly fashions

Bird Digital Print Bow Tie Dress
via eShakti

What do you think of these fashions made to fit your fuller bust? What’s your favorite source for curve friendly clothing?

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