Current Lingerie Trends: See and Be Seen

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I've been at CURVExpo's designer lingerie and swim show in New York this week, getting a sneak peek at the latest in lingerie trends and new styles for Spring 2014. The show featured over 350 exhibitors from all over the world. I got a good look at everything available in bras, swimwear, shape wear, sleepwear, and intimate accessories.

The showroom aisles were jam packed with lovely models, colorful displays, and racks of visual and tactile pleasures. I got through the last three days wearing my best foundations, multiple changes of shoes, plus a couple of packets of blister busters. The payoff was access to the creative energy behind the lines and the opportunity to share with you the diversity of fashions available to women of all shapes, sizes, and stages of life.

One continuing trend is lingerie that can double as outerwear. Yes, there are plenty of beautiful bras with silk straps that look lovely peaking out from under what I'm wearing. But what I saw was a twist taken on the standard camisoles and bodysuits that have been around for decades. Vibrant colors, unique fabrics, and impeccable details all screamed to be seen. So why not show them off?

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Here are a few of my personal favorites, all from outstanding UK luxury brands:

This Fleur of England Truffle silk georgette camisole comes with matching silk briefs. I'm in love with the delicate lace trim and the soft, feminine styling. It can be worn with a casual pair of pants, or be layered under a jacket or sweater. It's classic simplicity is stunning.


Fleur of England Truffle Camisole

You can get your glam on with the Dirty Pretty Things edgy Edie padded body suit (named after Edie Sedgwick, of course). Brilliant orange and pink outlined in bold black make this a piece that begs to be put on and taken out.


Dirty Pretty Things Padded Body

This body hugging body suit from Bordelle almost defies description. It's a wonderfully sinful design with intricate lace, silk satin straps, garters, all with 18 karat gold trimmings. This is one lingerie investment you'll want to put on display.


Bordelle Bodysuit

Stay tuned for more posts on the show, way better photos, and a rundown on what you can look forward to seeing in maternity, swimwear, and new sizing in current bra brands. It's lingerie. What's not to love?

Which of these lingerie brands appeals to you most? Would you wear any as outerwear?

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