confessions of a lingerie blogger

Confessions of a Lingerie Blogger: My Lingerie Loves

  |   By Holly Jackson

As lingerie lovers and appreciators, we spend an incredible amount of time not talking about our personal lingerie collections. With lingerie blogging becoming more like fashion blogging, more and more lingerie blogger reviews are driven by samples and affiliate sales rather than by a personal love of lingerie.

As a reviewer, I constantly feel the pressure to try new things. I try new brands that I’m not head over heels for just for the sake of getting a review out there, but also try to pick things that I feel might be of interest to other people. As a lingerie consumer, I’m pretty much like everyone else: I like what I like, and I tend to buy it over and over again.

Today, I thought I’d focus on two companies that have consumed most of my lingerie budget for the past half a year or so ---as well as some thoughts on why I love them so much and think they are worth so much of my hard-earned writing money. If you read my columns and my website, neither of these companies will be unfamiliar to you.

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Buttress & Snatch:

Buttress & Snatch launched their curvy collection this year and nearly immediately had my heart. I loved the look of their bras, but it was the fit and creativity that made me a lifelong fan. At the risk of sounding like a hoarder, I now own four Buttress & Snatch sets and just ordered a fifth. I think that officially makes me an addict. I’m spurred on by the fact that I’m supporting a business run by a woman I truly adore. Rachel, the owner, is everything you could want in a lingerie designer and occasional email buddy. She’s creative, funny, interesting and has an amazing eye for how to make women feel comfortable while showing off a wide range of body types and sizes.

Buttress & Snatch feels like a vintage burlesque inspired brand, but some of their pieces are surprisingly wearable as everyday bras. I’ve recently been living in this fantastic Wedgwood set that makes me feel like Alice at a tea party and is incredibly supportive and comfortable. The giant pink bows make me happy every time I put it on.

confessions of a lingerie blogger

Wedgwood Bra

If you like things a little less on the frilly side, this Strawberry set is perfect for summer. It’s a genius design that is both incredibly sexy and surprisingly supportive, which makes it ideal for those days when you want to feel like a bombshell underneath your outfit.

confessions of a lingerie blogger

Curvy Strawberry Bra

Finally, earlier this year I splurged on a set that was one of my desert island lingerie sets--the Queen of the Clover set. I’d seen a picture of it years ago in a smaller size and fallen in love with it, but honestly never thought it would be available in my size. While the silk was a relatively limited edition, there’s a black version called the Curvy Maria that is currently out and is also beautiful. I’ve never splurged on a silk set for myself before, and I am so happy that I did. I will truly treasure it until it falls apart.

lingerie blogger

Curvy Queen of the Clover
confessions of a lingerie blogger
Curvy Maria Bra Set

Buttress & Snatch sizing runs comparable to other UK-based brands like Panache, which makes it easy to order. Their underwires feel like some of the best in the business, which means these sets feel delicate and lovely but also hold up well to lots of washing and wearing.


If Buttress & Snatch is underwire bra paradise, RavenDreams is the loungewear equivalent. RavenDreams is one of the only plus size brands I know of working in high-quality silks, which makes them stand out from the pack. Beyond the fabrics, I can’t get enough of Abi’s attention to detail. Like Rachel, buying from Abi makes me feel like I’m supporting someone who is a lot like me. She’s creative, funny and always tells the truth---which makes me trust her, even more when it comes to sensitive subjects like lingerie design.

Pieces are lined with soft power mesh to create extra support, and all pattern pieces are cut using curves and with just enough stretch to accommodate sizing changes over the course of a month or so. Many patterns are historically influenced, but also completely redone to mold perfectly to a plus-size woman’s shape.

I’ve spent this summer living in Jane panty pack. They are sheer, lightweight and perfect for this incredible heat. I always have issues with bikini cut panties rolling down or shifting around, but these are built to stay in place and not dig in.

confessions of a lingerie blogger

Jane Panty

The Salome convertible negligee is one part nightgown, and one part glamorous beach cover up. If I didn’t wear dresses all the time, I could easily see belting it and wearing it out as well. It’s perfect for hot weather lounging and can be worn about five different ways depending on how you ruche it or belt it.

confessions of a lingerie blogger

Salomé - Versatile Silver and Deep Red Negligee/Beach Cover

If you need a great basic robe, the Daphne is my new standard for plus-size loungewear. It’s designed to drape over curves beautifully while pulling in your waist and features some innovative design work. It’s now available in a bunch of different colors and price points as well, which makes it an accessible introduction to one of my favorite brands.

confessions of a lingerie blogger

Daphne - Black Lace Ballet Wrap Robe

What about you? Like this lingerie blogger, do you spend most of your budget on only a few choice brands? Can you name your current lingerie loves?

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