Clothing for Bethenny Frankel's Fuller Bust

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Bethenny Frankel was in the news this week, recounting her botched boob job and how she chose to have her breast implants removed, opting for a breast lift instead.

I could relate to her story, since two of the three plastic surgeons I interviewed for my own lift wanted to add implants to the surgical menu. My decision to forego augmentation had more to do with concerns about the ease of reading future mammograms and my mother's history of breast cancer.  Plus, I didn't want my breasts to be any "bigger," having struggled with DDs as a teen and carried the weight of larger breasts through three pregnancies.

"I don’t think your breasts should be the first thing people notice when you enter a room,” said Bethenny. But for most women, larger breasts are the norm. Over the past 15 years, the average bra size has climbed from a C to an E cup.  The good news? Market savvy clothing brands are now meeting the garment needs of a fuller cup crowd. BravissimoCampbell & Kate, and Carissa Rose design fashionable shirts and dresses that reduce your chances of busting out of your top. This pretty Carissa Rose Sabrina shirt is tailored to your upper body and waist measurements. Shirts are priced from $50 to $130 and dresses at $145 to $165. No matter your bust, you can live a stylish and feminine breast life free of wardrobe malfunctions.

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