Breastfeeding Basics: Treat Yourself to Beautiful Nursing Bras

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

I wasn't one of those glowing pregnant women. And once my babies arrived, I had a tough time figuring out the breastfeeding basics, including nursing bras.

The only woman in my family who had nursed her kids was an older sister who lived two states away. Multiple pregnancies didn't make me a lactation expert either. My three had unique needs: sleep schedules, eating habits, and temperaments. If that wasn't enough, my boobs managed to change dramatically with each ensuing baby bump.

My breasts grew to humongous proportions with my firstborn. I wasn't prepared for this new look and was shocked by the size of my areolae. My chest seemed to eclipse my growing belly. People weren't sure whether to congratulate me as it wasn't clear if I was expecting or was just bigger busted. I was afraid that I’d run through the available alphabet cup letters in the maternity bra section. Plus, my choices in nursing bra styles and colors were suddenly limited. I had to adapt to unfamiliar boobs and wear what looked liked my grandmother’s unbecoming white, cotton under things. These contraptions weren't personable bras but industrial strength brassieres.

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Beautiful and functional nursing lingerie is now available thanks to the initiative of those who recognized a gap in this market. Tracy Montford, Cake Lingerie Creative Director, is the brainchild behind one tastefully named brand. Frustrated by the selections available to her when pregnant, Montford set out to offer women stylish and feminine options. The result? This startup won the prestigious 2011 Maternity Brand of the Year at the UK Lingerie Awards. Even more essential, Cake Lingerie is made to fit band sizes 32 to 40, and cups B through M. (Yes, even I could have worn these gorgeous pieces when I was nursing!)

Cake Lingerie is priced at $50 to $65 per bra, which may seem expensive given the brief amount of time spent breastfeeding over the course of one's life. But investing in proper support is similar to protecting these same assets while exercising. Our Breast Life product tester and mother of three reviewed Cake’s Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra and gave it five stars. “The bra itself is very pretty, I love the pink, and a little bit of loveliness for a nursing mom is never a bad thing,” said Kate. There are plenty of barriers to breastfeeding, so why add one more? You can look and feel great at this important time in your—and your baby’s---life. You can give your working breasts the respect they deserve. And Cake Lingerie is a fabulous and fat-free treat!

Do you have a favorite nursing bra? What brands would you recommend to others?

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