Bra Shopping More Fun With Friends

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

If you dread picking out or being fitted for new bras, try bra shopping with a couple of close girlfriends.

It's great to compare notes and share what you love or hate about certain bra styles, along with a few laughs and funny boob stories. At least that's what happened to me this past weekend. Ava and Becca had been putting off the task of buying new bras, and asked me where they should go shopping. I figured it would be fun to tag along, and I was right.

We met at Jenette Bras, a shop I picked because Becca is full busted. Their motto is "the alphabet starts at D."  I warned Ava that she might not find anything to fit her, since the last bra she purchased was in a size 34C. But brands do vary, like the fullness of women's breasts, so there was an even chance she'd find something.

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bra shoppingMimi Holliday in window at Jenette Bras

The 3 fitters in the store that morning got busy choosing styles and sizes to meet each of our needs. Becca, 26, recently lost weight and found her current 34F uncomfortable and not holding her up as well as before. Ava, 36, complained she wanted something to accommodate fluctuating boob changes between cycles. I was looking for a light-colored bra to offset all the darker tones I owned, and which stood out under certain clothes.

CIMG0508Bra shopping success!

How did we do? Jenette Bras' helpful staff and great stock is one reason why we left happy and satisfied customers (and in sizes ranging from 32D to 30G). But it also had something to do with our genuine and authentic friendship; and the place these women hold in my heart.

Maybe that's the TRUE secret of success to shopping for intimate apparel: only share the experience with those you love.

What about you? Do you shop alone or with friends when you need to go bra shopping? Or do you do both? Which is more fun?



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