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The Week in Boob News: Smart Bras, Celebrities, and Breast Health Alert

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

What is The Week in Boob News?

I'm not quite sure. But relevant breast-related news seems to get lost in all the social media feeds. So this is my attempt to compile a few stories for my readers, on a (somewhat) regular basis. Please let me know if you think The Week in Boob News is worth my time---and yours!

1. The Smart Bra? The New York Post reports on this new $169 ($69 for each additional) sports bra that launched on Monday and will "change your workout." It tracks your heart rate and your breathing rhythms. The OMBra is perfect for those who want professional results from their daily run (think stride length, breathing patterns, and little interruptions from the app reminding you how you're performing). It fits 32-38 bands with A/B-DD cups (sized XS to XL). I just wonder whether a man could wear one.

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The OMBra
Photo via OMSignal

2. Mom Uses Breast Pump While Running a Half Marathon. Talk about multi-tasking. This photo was all over the news and social media this week, highlighting the very real struggle women of keeping up one's milk supply while having a life outside breastfeeding. Kudos to Anna Young, who is now semi-famous thanks to the coverage. Maybe the OMBra inventors could add an optional hands-free pumping attachment just for her? That might #normalizebreastfeeding.

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Photo via REVEL Big Cottonwood Marathon and Half

3. Regina King Talks Breastfeeding on the Red Carpet. The Emmy Awards typically focus on the winners and, in the case of women, the designer dresses they're wearing. But on Sunday, Emmy-award winning actress Regina King made headlines for bringing attention to the importance of being able to breastfeed while on the job. We agree that it would be awesome if this option were available to all working and nursing mothers.

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Regina King


4. Can Megan Fox Bring Back Frederick's of Hollywood? That was the headline from the New York Business Journal announcing celebrity Megan Fox as a new co-owner and designer for the ailing Frederick's of Hollywood. The former lingerie giant has had its ups and downs, and one wonders whether Fox can make a difference. Let's hope this makeover is a success. (Plus, I miss their flagship store in Hollywood, which is now a Museum of Broken Relationships---which is somehow fitting.)

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Megan Fox via Getty Images

5. Beware Media Hype About Breast Cancer Screening Tools. Pinktober is right around the corner, so get ready for reminders of the importance of early prevention and breast cancer awareness. But should you believe these reports? HealthNewsReview took the time to set out the facts and refute the hype found in NBC Nightly News coverage about Molecular Breast Imaging. MBI is a new breast cancer screening tool for women with dense breasts. Please take the time to read this thorough analysis and go beyond click bait headlines.

Which of the stories from The Week in Boob News do you think is the most important? Which is the most surprising or intriguing?

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