Sexy Lingerie for Special Occasions: Best Styles

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Forget those once-a-year red sexy lingerie sales before Valentine’s Day. And why wait until you’re planning a honeymoon to splurge on some eye popping, cream-colored lace and satin outfit?

Pick your own date, any date! You can invest in sexy lingerie whether it’s a three year, three month, or third date anniversary. It's a special occasion to dress yourself in something not meant for everyday. You'll enjoy wearing sumptuous and extravagant fabrics such as silks, velvets, or even leather, with all the fancy trimmings. You may have to save up a bit before you can afford some of these tantalizing numbers, but you’re worth it.

Don’t get me wrong. You can -- and should -- wear sexy lingerie just for yourself. You don’t need a lover to enjoy the extra lift you get from wearing something sensual underneath a professional power suit or a pair of weekend sweats. But the sexy lingerie styles highlighted here are, for the most part, clothing optional. They are the outfit. Plus, these pieces are fun to wear, however long they stay on.

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Sexy Lingerie

Damaris Vegas Soft Bra

Sheer Soft Bras and Bralettes. Basic black is never boring when skin shows through. This fabulous tulle and fringe piece from Damaris is a show stopper. Feeling a bit more demure? Choose a pretty in pink lace bralette like the Fleur of England Rose Boudoir pictured above. It features a tantalizing silk center bow, just screaming to be undone.


Lacivious Kitty Cupless Bra

Cupless Bras. This style might seem, at first glance, to lack the functionality of a bra and not provide any lift and support. But most cup the breasts with underwire, and their bands are engineered to bring the "girls" front and center. The Lacivious Kitty Cupless bra is a great choice, with satin piping and a row of ruffles that play a sly game of peak-a-boo. This stunning bra is also available in wedding white.


Steampunk Steel Boned Corset

Underbust Corsets. This style cinches in the waist and highlights the curves of the already feminine physique. Underbust corsets are a great way to dress up the lingerie sets you already own. Some, like the Steampunk above, include garter loops so you can add a sexy finishing touch of sheer stockings. Today's well-constructed corsets are made in a wide variety of elegant and modern finishes, fabrics and colors. I love them because they even out any of my lumps and bumps and create a smooth silhouette. Plus, worn over the right outfit, can double as outerwear.


 What Katie Did Showgirl Laurie Corset

Long Line and Waist Reducing Corsets. Sometimes wearing more, not less, is even sexier, alluring, and divine. Because who doesn't adore a beautifully wrapped package? Many corset brands include extra features like built in bust boosters, or waist trimmers. This deep red satin What Katie Did Showgirl Corset trims 3 to 4 inches off your waist, accentuating a perfect hourglass figure. You can buy corsets off the rack or order from specialty lingerie stores. But plan ahead as some, like the one shown here, are custom made to your exact measurements.

If you aren't tempted by any of these pieces, visit the Special Occasion section of The Breast Life Store and check out some of our other unique offerings. It is best to look at buying sexy lingerie as an investment. Because let's face it: sexy lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving.

What's your favorite color, style, or brand of sexy lingerie? What fabrics or extras bring out your (or your partner's) sexy beast?

Photo credit: Fleur of England Rose Boudoir Bralette

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