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No More Wardrobe Malfunctions ---- Best Full Bust Clothing Brands, Part II

  |   By Holly Jackson

Welcome to the second of my two-part series on the best full bust clothing brands. The following international companies offer fashions for every occasion, from professional and casual daytime looks to sexy evening styles.

Be sure to check out the links at the end of this post for resources on buying from international brands.

Biu Biu:

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Biu Biu is one of two Polish full bust clothing companies on this list. No surprise, as full bust bra lines have done extremely well in Poland in the past few years. Although Urkye and Biu Biu are both based in Poland, Biu Biu was around first. The range focuses on basic dresses and tops in stretch fabrics. Notably, Biu Biu also produces a line of maternity clothing.

Sizing: 34 to 46 body sizes in B, BB or BBB curve variations.

Style: Biu Biu has produced a lot of different options over the years, from classic wool dresses to full bust friendly hoodies. The line tends to focus on basics like knee-length dresses in stretch fabrics or denim, along with basic tops to mix and match with things you already have. Clothing is easy to care and washable, with good longevity for the price.

Start With: Unique offerings, like button up denim dresses and office friendly button up shirts in a broad range of colors.

full bust clothing brands

Belle Grey Short Sleeved Shirt

full bust clothing brands

Marina Dress

full bust clothing brands

Mercedes Fuchsia Jacket


Urkye is the second Polish company on this list and often feels like a little sister version of Biu Biu. The focus is still on well-priced staples, but cuts are a little slimmer with a bit more cleavage on display. The latest lines have even included some animal based novelty prints for variety. Like Biu Biu, Urkye’s clothes are easy to launder and also high quality for their comparatively low prices.

Sizing: 34 to 44 body sizes in o, oo, ooo curve variations.

Style: Urkye’s The latest lines have included some animal based novelty prints for variety, which is a departure from their previous lines that included only solids. New pieces can sell quickly due to their popularity, so grab anything you’re dying to try out sooner rather than later.

Start With: Urkye’s stretch knit blazers are great for a casual office look and dress up a printed sundress perfectly in a hurry.

full bust clothing brands

Alfa Karminowa Blazer

full bust clothing brands

Kot Czarny (Cat Crazy) Top

full bust clothing brands

Bermuda Stalowa Dress

Bitter Lollipop:

Bitter Lollipop is the UK relative of Urkye and Biu Biu, at least regarding style. Dresses are cut with simple yet flattering lines. Items range from office friendly dresses that hit below the knee to classic little black minidresses.

Sizing: 8 through 16 in Busty and Buxom curve variations.

Style: Bitter Lollipop skews younger than Pepperberry in both items and pricing. You’ll find crop tops and midi dresses alongside professional staples here. Prints tend to be on the more adventurous side, with an emphasis on charmingly British looking florals and abstracts.

Start With: The stuff you can’t get anywhere else: crop tops, midi dresses and sexy pieces for a night out.

full bust clothing brands

Chloe Shimmer Midi Dress

full bust clothing brands

Bridget 3/4 Sleeve Black & White Checked Dress
full bust clothing brands
Freya Floral Digital Print
full bust clothing brands
Holly Sleeveless Blue Midi Dress

full bust clothing rands

Effy Aztec Print Crop Top

Getting Started With International Full Bust Clothing Brands:

Whenever you order from an international company, you are taking a gamble with returns. Luckily, the full bust clothing community has gathered around a few online “hubs” to swap and sell things that don’t work for them. If you want to experiment with quality or sizing from any of these companies (besides US-based Bolero and Campbell & Kate) you can find lots of groups online for extra help. Start with “Clothes for Boobs” on Facebook for the Polish clothing companies and some of the smaller ones like Bitter Lollipop. Pepperberry has a Facebook page where readers post photos and discuss sizing. Depending on your income level, several of these may be inexpensive enough that you can just take the risk and not worry if it doesn’t work out. Do check out my short guide to buying international bras online at The Lingerie Addict to better understand foreign sizing and tax rates.

Have you tried any of these full bust clothing brands? Which styles would you wear?

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