Best Bra Fit Tips: From Men

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Do you hate wearing bras or struggle to find the right one for your body type? You might be surprised to find that the best bra fit tips come from guys: who wear bras.

Over the past year I've heard from numerous men, asking me for lingerie recommendations and tips on bra wear. But they're not shopping for their female partners. They're "new" to the business of having boobs, sprouting their own, often as a side effect of taking certain medications. And these guys span all ages and body types.

It inspired me to write a post just for them, addressing their specific physical needs and giving them some bra fitting tips.

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The response to my article taught me a few things. Men approach the business of wearing bras differently than women. They look at it as a problem to be solved, without laying any blame or shame on their bodies. And it occurred to me that we could learn a lesson or two from this male bra buying experience.

So here are five best bra fit tips, according to guys:

1) Love your body. Your boobs, no matter when they developed or what size, are a part of you. The best way to live your life with them is to accept them and dress them properly. You'll never be happy unless you embrace them fully, in or out of a bra.

2) Get a proper bra fitting. If you're not sure of your size, or you've never been measured for a bra, take the time to visit a professional bra fitter. But don't just go to any store or sales clerk. Find the right person who treats you with respect and dignity and solves your bra fitting problems. You, and "your girls," deserve the best!

3) Patience is key. Finding the right bra for your body shape or type may take time. With so many different bra brands and styles on the market, it may seem overwhelming and challenging. Accept that finding the right bra fit is a trial and error process. But don't give up. There is a bra out there that's perfect for you.

4) Experiment. Don't assume only one type of bra is right for you. Try new fashions, whether underwire, full coverage, demi-cup, or contour. Learn what works best with your shape and suits your lifestyle.

5) Reach out. You aren't the only person in the world looking for the right bra. Learn more about bra fit and brands by visiting lingerie websites, or reading expert blog posts. If you're shy, ask questions anonymously. Businesses welcome comments and questions and want to help their customers. The more you learn, the easier your next bra buying experience will be.

What's your view? What do you think of these best bra fit tips, from men? Will they help you?

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