beingU: Skin Tone Lingerie for Every Woman

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

What does the color "nude" bring to mind? For many lingerie brands, the word is synonymous with cream or beige.

Thankfully, a few companies are now offering more realistic alternatives. They're designing lingerie solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of flesh tones. beingU is one such brand, and I'm excited to share images from their first line, along with some background on their founder.

How long has the brand been in business and what was the impetus for launch:

beingU officially launched in February 2017. It's founder Sadia Sisay is a 47-year-old Sierra Leonean born British woman who believes that who people are is more important than what they have done. Her past and present have certainly proved that no matter what you go through you can and will achieve anything if you commit to your dream. Sadia’s entrepreneurial story is one of tenacity, courage, and passion. She moved to the UK from Sierra Leone at 16, trained as a cancer nurse, then worked in the pharmaceutical industry until 2008 when she left to start her own business beingU. Sisay originally attempted to launch the brand in 2011, however, personal challenges meant she had to put her dreams on hold. She is now back and more passionate than ever.

beingU is focused on providing high-quality lingerie for women of all skin tones with a particularly strong focus on black women and other women of colour. Sadia is driven by the idea that women should feel valued in all they experience. This idea is heavily influenced by watching her daughter grow into a young lady in an environment where her skin tone is underrepresented.


Sadia Sisay, Founder

What makes beingU unique in the intimate apparel market? What’s the lingerie niche you're trying to fill?

We focus on matching and complementing skin tones as well as body shape. We are the only skin tone brand which provides different shapes of bras to include a cut-and-sewn piece and a fashion piece in addition to the moulded bra with briefs cut to shape the bottom.

Who do you see as your ideal customer?

The woman who feels comfortable in her own skin. Who feels sensual being themselves. Who loves being themselves. The woman our lingerie can add to rather than cover.

What’s been your greatest business challenge?

Getting investors to take it seriously, but think they might feel differently now! Have other female lingerie entrepreneurs ever experienced introducing what you do and immediately the male investor suggests he will talk to his wife as she may be interested? It happens to me a lot and even happened last Saturday. We are treated like a small side business that us women can play in together.

Is there anything you find frustrating about the lingerie business of which consumers may not be aware?

That size is not the same across all brands. Although I do not think we within the industry explain that enough. Never has a fitter told me that in all the years of being fitted. No matter how specialist the store has been.

Where do you want the brand to be in the next ten years?

Global particularly in emerging economies (hopefully emerged by then) selling skin tone solutions for all women.

What do you want customers to know about your brand?

That we want to hear from them. We want to hear how they feel about our brand, good or bad as we can only learn and get better that way. We also want them to connect with us to let us know what it is like being them.

Here are a few images from the first beingU lingerie collection:

Stick On Bra


beingU's Five Signature Skin Tones

beingU Brand Recap:

Styles: The debut collection has three lingerie ranges. Kobicha is a high shine mesh collection featuring a three-piece structured bra and high waisted brief. Yendi is made from the softest microfibre, a molded bra with padded, shaped straps and perfectly proportioned boyshorts. Rosa is a lightly lined bra with a deep V neckline, made from mesh and our bespoke embroidery, and worn with a high waisted thong.

beingU offers bras and knickers, stick on bras, enhancers and nipple covers (enhancers and nipple covers available in May 2017), in its signature five skin tones.

Bra Price Range:   UK Bras £39.99 -£49.99, Briefs £14.99-£22.00, Backless solutions bra £14.99. US Bras $48.75 -$60.00, Briefs $18.75-$27.50, Backless solutions bra $19.00.

Sizing:  28-44 band in B-H cups, depending on style.

Where to buy: Brick & mortar stores, e-retailers, or direct from

What do you think of beingU's new line of skin tone lingerie solutions? 


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