Avocado Jour Lingerie Review: Full Bust Luxury and Fit

  |   By Wen CGNB

Summer might be ending, but it's never too late to add some pop of color to your lingerie wardrobe! Orange is strong this season and the beautiful Avocado Jour, though it came out last year, is still au goût du jour (no pun intended).

If you don't know the brand, Avocado is a Polish luxury lingerie brand dedicated to providing delicate yet modern lingerie to the full bust customer. I've been a big fan since I discovered them more than three years ago.

***Full disclosure: this set was gifted by Avocado lingerie for review purposes.

Avocado jour review

Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun 

Very Specific Sizing System

The brand focuses on the small band/deep cup consumer. Their size range spans 60-70 D to L; 75 C-K; 80 C-H; and 90-95 C to F-G. Avocado tends to use the same patterns for most of their designs. These include the HC (half-cup), NF (Natural Firm), RV (Round Versatile), and HCQ/HCT ("a fusion of half cup shape with 3/4 cup bra coverage for additional support"). All of these patterns have suit particular breast shapes so that customers will find a perfect fit.

Avocado lingerie review
Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun

Avocado sizing is particular to the brand and can't be accurately translated into UK sizing. I appreciate the precision in their cup sizes because it also means that there aren't vast differences between one cup to another. For that reason, I have been wearing H, J, and K cups at some point these past few years, while my UK size remained 30GG (eventually 30G). Now I am a UK 30FF/30G, and I am comfortable in most of their 60H bras. 

Avocado Jour lingerie review

Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun 

The Jour Bra

Avocado kindly gifted me the HCT Jour set, one of their Summer hits. Interestingly, I wear a 65H in this particular pattern. While I had the opportunity to try the 60H, it was too small in many ways.

It is always exciting for me to review an Avocado bra for people who haven't heard of the brand. That's because there are essential details about the fit and mindset of the label to understand. However, once you've got it, you realize that everything is pretty consistent. And I wouldn't think twice before ordering this size now except if the brand creates a new pattern.

Comics Girls Need Bras

Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun

The HCT pattern of the Avocado Jour is a three-part cut-and-sew bra that features a beautiful strap collar. This collar isn't removable and ties at the neck with a fully functional string. I love that the brand finished this elastic string with metallic ends as it shows real attention to detail.

The Jour (French for "day") collection is the colorful counterpart of the older Ce Soir collection (French for "tonight"). While Ce Soir is black and sheer, Jour is a warm beige with orange accents and a shiny diamond pattern over the cups and coordinating brief.

Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun

This bra features narrow wires, which is a typical attribute of most Polish bras. The gore is narrow as well, which is excellent if you have wide and close-set breasts like mine. Avocado bras also have rather short straps. In a 65 band, I have a very comfortable length with which to play. But when I go for my usual 60 band, they get much shorter. It's not an issue for me, but you should consider it if you have lower set breasts.

There are three sets of 2 hooks and eyes, in this set, which is secure enough for my taste. After an H cup, and depending on your band size you will get three sets of 3 hooks and eyes instead. Note that Avocado’s bands aren’t very stretchy so you should be okay with your usual UK size. But I wouldn’t suggest going down a size. I go for a 60 (equivalent of a 28) band because I prefer the length of the wires in this size, but I am happy with a 65 band lengthwise.

Photo credit: Bruno Balmokoun

The Avocado Jour bra is delightful to wear, although I would prefer the gore to be a bit lower. The elastic at the top of the cups helps with breast size fluctuation. And all of the trim has a shiny finish and looks so pretty. This beige bra isn't boring.

The Coordinating Brief

I received the matching brief in size Small, and it fits me well. My favorite Avocado bottoms are thongs and high-waisted briefs as they look better on my body shape, in my opinion. But this is a very comfortable hipster brief. The back is made of very soft microfiber with a reverse triangle cutout featuring orange straps that match the collar of the bra. The front has the same beautiful embroidery as the bra, with more strategically placed microfiber. I would love to see more seamless backs in Avocado hipster briefs, but if you are looking for secure underwear, you got it with this one!

Avocado Jour is an unusual set that you can show off on the days you need to bring light and happiness into your routine, or whenever it feels appropriate. I love wearing it underneath a V neck as it looks like I am wearing a necklace!

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