All Undone: Support and Sass for Full Bust Lingerie Lovers

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

My recent post featuring beautiful small band, full bust bras left out one amazing UK brand: All Undone. Today, I'm rectifying that error by giving readers a closer look at their designer lingerie and the mission behind the company.

Thankfully, there are far more options in the smaller band, bigger cup bra market. And All Undone presents a more contemporary look while providing the necessary quality construction and support that full busts require. It's all about loving your lingerie in a way that makes you want to wear it day or night---from every day to boudoir looks. There are ten different lines from which to choose, all made in the UK, out of the finest silks, mesh, and lace materials. In addition to bras and knickers, All Undone offers matching silk robes to complete your look.

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Here's my interview with the brand, along with images of All Undone's current and future styles:

How long has the brand been in business and what was the impetus for launch?

All Undone launched back in October, 2013 in London, England. We launched our AW13 collection simultaneously on our e-commerce site,, and in lingerie boutiques across the UK, USA and Australia.

The brand was born from the founder’s, Eva Philipps, frustration at the lack of offering of fashionable and more luxurious underwear in the UK for the DD+ sizes. All Undone believes that women shouldn’t have to throw their style credentials out of the window when it came to their underwear. In fact, we believe that great days start with great underwear.

All Undone

The Mai

What makes All Undone unique in the intimate apparel market? What’s the lingerie niche you are trying to fill?

Our lingerie is designed specifically for the smaller band, larger cup sizes, so 28 to 34 band size, D to GG cup size. We aim to create sleek, sophisticated designs using the highest quality fabrics from across Europe and the UK. It’s also all ethically manufactured in Wales, UK.

Who do you see as your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is anyone that gets joy from wearing our products!

Most of our customers are women buying for themselves, who tend to be looking for something that can be both practical and make them feel super hot too. Our typical customer is interested in fashion and the latest trends but often struggles to find lingerie that both fits well and is stylish. Manufacturing in the UK is important to us so our ideal customers recognise the importance of quality fabrics and construction.

All Undone

The Ariel

What’s been your greatest business challenge in establishing your brand?

The fashion buying windows of having to sell to stockists six months in advance are difficult to work with when you first start, and the normally huge minimum orders that the fabric and factories demand can make design and production challenging. These problems force creativity to solve them however which is never a bad thing!

Is there anything you find frustrating about the lingerie business of which consumers have no clue?

The cost of having a large size range! We currently carry 26 sizes, if you compare that to the most inclusive clothing brands who tend to work from 8 – 20, it’s a lot of stock to make. We often get requests to do 36+ band sizes which we’d love to do but logistically can’t currently cater to.

All Undone

The Evie

Where do you want the brand to be in the next ten years?

In the next 10 years, we’d like All Undone to become trusted brand synonymous with style-led designs, and great fit. We’d like to have a truly global presence.

All Undone

The Sundae (available later this year)

What do you want customers to know about your brand?

That they truly are at the heart of all our decisions. We’re a little brand with big ambitions, and listening to the customer is essential to this. We think about our customers with every decision, whether it’s something to do with the website journey or the colour of a new collection. We’d like them to know the rigorous testing that we put into the sizing process and how much we listen to all feedback. Get in touch!

All Undone

The Didi 
All Undone
The Queenie

All Undone brand recap:

Styles: Full bust, small band, luxury designer lingerie, including bras, briefs, suspenders, and silk robes.

Bra Price Range:  £79 - £95

Sizing: Bras from 28D – 34GG, Briefs from XS - L

Where to buy: Direct from our website and Stockists page.


What do you think of the All Undone brand? Which styles do you like best?

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