Airport Security Searches Too Personal? Lingerie Travel Bags To The Rescue

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Forget crowded airports and delayed flights. Today's new security regulations have me worried about who might see my privates -- or private underpinnings.

On a recent trip through LAX, I watched as TSA officials rifled through a fellow traveler's carry-on luggage. My mind quickly raced to the pretty under things I'd packed for my trip. What if the agent opened my bag and held up one of my bras for inspection?

That's why I was thrilled to meet Chelsea Logan of Luxe Innovations at the Curvexpo lingerie show. Her own airport experience led her to create the Boa Noite line of discreet and luxurious lingerie travel bags. Made from sumptuous satin and faux fur fabrics, you won't mind baring these beauties. Who wouldn't want to take the Tiffany-inspired clutch out to dinner? Prices range from $19 to $119, and you can choose from a variety of colors and designs at Luxe Innovations. Thanks to Boa Noite, my next trip will be safe, sane, and way more fashionable.

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